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Trenton (pop. 85,000) is the capital city of the State of New Jersey and the county seat of Mercer County. Being on the east coast, New Jersey has a long and distinguished history that dates back far before the American Revolution in which the state played a pivotal role. Trenton became the state capital in 1790.

Also known as the Garden State, New Jersey has been a center for high-tech industry and invention throughout its existence. Originally settled by Native Americans, New Jersey has welcomed waves of immigrants, from the Dutch and English in the 1600s to Asians and Latin Americans today.  Trenton played a huge role in inviting early settlers to the state and has lots of attractions that draw in senior visitors from all across the county.

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The first settlement which would become Trenton was established by Quakers in 1679, in the region then called the Falls of the Delaware. By 1719, the town adopted the name “Trent-towne“, after William Trent, one of its leading landholders.

Trent-towne later was shortened to “Trenton.” Also notable is William Trent’s historic home, the city’s oldest dwelling. Open for touring, the house is a national historic landmark.

NJ’s Most Historic Public Building Invites Seniors

Old Barracks Museum rates up near the top for visitors. In 1758, the Old Barracks was constructed to house British troops during the French and Indian War. During the Revolutionary War, the barracks was one of Washington’s military hospitals.

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The building is home to an interpretive museum, galleries, gift shop, and meeting space. Waterfront Park and the Statehouse are also major attractions. The capitol since 1792, the State House is New Jersey’s most historic public building.

Washington crossed the Delaware on Christmas Day 1776 in icy cold conditions, north-west of Trenton in what is now Washington Crossing State Park, a name that recalls the famous painting “Washington Crosses the Delaware”, an icon of American art.

With affordable sports and entertainment venues, historic sites, and epic  restaurants, Trenton offers a wide variety of choices for senior visitors. You will find Trenton to be a fascinating and interesting city. jeb

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