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Seniors Find Mandeville Upscale In Jamaica

Mandeville, the capital and largest town in the parish of Manchester in the county of Middlesex, Jamaica, in 2005 had an estimated population of 50,000. Mandeville has been around for quite some time… laid out in 1816, and named after Viscount Mandeville. I recently read that it was one of the more upscale cities in Jamaica, comprised of many intellectuals and returning residents from America and England. Senior travelers will sometimes find it called the “English Town”. Mandeville is one of Jamaica’s hidden treasures and is the only major town not sitting on the coastline of Jamaica.  Google shoots it from above with several choices for views.

Yahoo Says “YAHOO” For Mandeville

You’ll find plenty to do in town and the finest hotel in Mandeville might be just right for your stay. Check out the 15 traveler photos that include a marvelous dish for you to try. I just had to find a YouTube on the Hotel complete with some great steel drum music as background. I think you will find the 60 rooms very accommodating. The Mandeville Hotel is one of the first in the Caribbean which started operation in 1875.

Mandeville, Jamaica also was the first to have a golf course in the Caribbean in 1868. The city enjoys a celebrated reputation for its cleanliness, low crime rate, and a sense of order. Senior visitors will enjoy those stats. In fact these are some of the main reasons that Mandeville is the preferred destination for many a returning resident. Lonely Planet says, “Come and see Mandeville”.

Just about everything you will need to know prior to your visit is here. Once a sleepy country town, Mandeville has a bit of bustle nowadays. The town came awake some 40 years ago when the potential of the red earth of the surrounding countryside was wedded to the world’s demand for bauxite and its end product, aluminum. The nearby alumina plant at Nain is the second largest in the world.

Seniors Delight in a Perfect Climate

The weather is pretty nice year round but you had better get out that calculator to figure out the centigrade degree scale. Mandeville is most noted for its perfect climate ranging from 65-80 degrees, which is different from the rest of the island.  And food.  Try Little Ochie or the Bloomfield Great House and Bar or if you enjoy chinese, Lew’s International Chinese Restaurant.

One of the main attractions of Mandeville is the town itself; visitors often acclaim the beauty of the town, its pinnacled position and the cool health-giving climate which is like none other. Toss in your golf clubs and look for the Golf View Hotel that has one of the oldest and most renowned courses on the entire island. The Photo Gallery is neat too. The Kariba Kariba and the Mandeview Flats are  not too shabby either. I’ll leave you today with some interesting sites to take in and around Mandeville. jeb



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