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Seniors Romp on Formentera

TripAdvisor recently noted the 25 most beautiful beaches in the world. Playa de see Illetes rated among the best.  These visitors loved the beaches and the crystal water that accompany the island of Formentera.  It’s where senior citizen travelers can romp on a world class beach.

Illetes,once a quiet, beautiful, mostly naturist beach, is very busy in August but  a few meters across the peninsula is another  beautiful beach of Llevan. Naturism is accepted everywhere and there is a healthy mixture of people with and without clothes on the beaches of the Spanish Mediterranean.

For years, Formentera was known as the “forgotten Balearic.” The smallest island of the archipelago, it’s small…only 30-sq.-miles on a flat limestone plain. The Romans called it Frumentaria (meaning “wheat granary”) when they oversaw it as a booming little agricultural center. But that was then. Today Formentera is called “Ibiza’s chilled-out little sister.”

Senior Visitors Discover More Than Beaches

On Formentera you’ll discover more than beaches. TripAdvisor always finds plenty for senior travelers to see and do.  Such is the case in Formentera. Twenty-two fun activities will highlight your time spent there. Wondering where it’s located? Well it’s between Valencia and Palma de Mallorca. Does that help?  No. Here’s a map to pinpoint it for you and another with a super overhead interactive map with a great satellite view.

Run through the listing of popular attractions and you’ll have a good idea of what to expect on the island. Formentera is only a one-hour ferry ride from Ibiza, or 25 minutes on the jet ferry. This YouTube video provides an overview of the awesome water, beaches, boats and more. You’ll see why it’s noted as a “Piece of Paradise on Earth.” Why not add it to your travel “bucket list?”

Here’s another short video to introduce you to Formentera. Another URL highlights the Ten Best Beaches in Spain and guess which on comes up #1? Condé Nast Traveller will take you on a photo tour of 15 beautiful sites.

The NY Times calls Formentera a “Quiet Place to Recuperate,” so keep that in mind if you’ll looking for some relaxation. I depart with a well-done Insider’s Guide to Formentera that will find beds, beaches and tables for you to consider. Looks like fun to me.  Enjoy the Balearics. jeb

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