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Been to Guadalajara? If Not, Say “NOT YET”

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I’ve been all over Mexico but not to Guadalajara, the City of Roses. For me, Not Yet! The second city of the Mexican Republic, Guadalajara has a reputation as a slower, more conservative and traditional place than Mexico City, somewhere seniors can stop and catch your breath.

Guadalajara is located 335 miles northwest of Mexico City.  The word Guadalajara comes from the Arab word “Wadi-al-Hajara”, which means “Valley of Stones”. The city is named after the Spanish city of the same name.

Many claim that it is the most “Mexican” of the country’s big cities, having evolved as a regional center of trade and commerce, without the imbalances of Monterrey’s industrial giants or Mexico City’s chaotic scale. This city is a great place to appreciate traditional Mexican culture, and senior visitors will soon note that it is also one of Mexico’s most important industrial and business centers.

Seniors Find a Beautiful, Bustling City

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Guadalajara is one of the most beautiful cities in all of Mexico. Endowed with an extraordinary climate it is called the Land of Mariachi, Tequila. The birth of the Tequila happened a few kilometers from Guadalajara, precisely in the town of Tequila.

 Senior travelers will find it to be a busy and bustling city but it also has many surrounding towns and villages that you can also explore if you are interested in really getting a feel for all that the State of Jalisco has to offer. There is nearby Chapala with Mexico’s largest lake as well as small and quaint shopping towns such as Tlaquepaque.

Guadalajara is huge, sprawling, and energetic. Still, it remains a great place to see something of traditional and modern Mexico.  The city offers everything from museums, galleries and colonial architecture to magnificent revolutionary murals by José Clemente Orozco to a nightlife scene enlivened by a large student population.

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Guadalajara’s twin-towered cathedral is the city’s most beloved and conspicuous landmark. TripAdvisor has lined up 108 things see and do while you are in town, including the Instituto Cultural Cabañas, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Seniors Enjoy Strolling in Guadalajara

A stroll through Guadalajara will give you an appreciation for the green spaces and public art in the city’s parks and plazas.  All About Guadalajara is a one great site that will provide first time senior visitors with just about all they will need to know to make this visit a positive and memorable one.

Guadalajara is big, 3 million, some say 4 million. And shoppers, Zapopan has some interesting colonial sites, but is better known as Guadalajara’s Beverly Hills. So why wait? The city is awaiting your arrival. It is a fun and exciting city to visit.  jeb

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