Senior Beach Bums Love Panama City Beach

The college kids love Punta Cana, Cancun, Fort Lauderdale…the list goes on, but seniors still flock to Panama City Beach for fun and frolic. The best beach this side of paradise, Panama City Beach, Florida offers 27 miles of stunning white sand, emerald green waters and surefire enjoyment in, on or under the water.

Explore the vast expanse of things to do, from family-friendly mazes and Florida sport fishing to exciting nightlife and relaxing spa getaways. With boatloads of attractions, top-notch restaurants, beach activities, amazing accommodations and world-class events, seniors will never forget a Panama City Beach vacation. The “official city website” will help you to make reservations and to check on all the amenities.

The Panama City Beach hotels are ready to welcome you to one of the most beautiful of all Florida beaches.  Their slogan…”The World’s Most Beautiful Beaches“. And with events all year ranging from the famous Seabreeze Jazz Festival, UNwineD to the New Year’s Eve Beach Ball Drop at Pier Park, there’s always something to see and do. Panama City Beach’s history as a famous Florida destination makes it the perfect host of fun-filled, festive and unique events. Day or night, there’s excitement for every senior at Panama City Beach.

Seniors Go Under the Water

There are dozens of natural, historic and artificial reefs, including a renowned wreck-diving site. Diving in Panama City is heavily concentrated on its shipwrecks and artificial reefs that are excellent fish attractors, and therefore great dive sites. Some of the wrecks are “natural” sunk by fire or forces of nature while others were deliberately deployed as dive sites after being retired from military or commercial service. Other artificial reefs are from Old Navy training programs and the area bridge trusses.

From the Boatyard, Pineapple Willy’s, The Treasure Ship and the Zoological & Botanical Park, seniors will find plenty to keep them occupied in Panama City Beach. Don’t miss Captain Anderson’s Restaurant, widely regarded in town.  This site with 30 more options, includes a winery or two. Take a “chopper” tour over the city with this family and a virtual Tour with Travel Guide is well done.

 Enjoy the sun, the food and the great scene at Panama City Beach. jeb



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