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Seniors Fascinated With Cambridge

This senior citizen was going through his kitchen cupboard this AM and found a cup I’d purchased in Cambridge (England).  Imprinted on the side of my English Fine Bone China cup: Kings College, the Mathematical Bridge and Trinity College.  What an enjoyable experience it was to personally visit  each of these famed highlights.

Cambridge is a university town roughly 50 miles north of London on the River Cam.  The city’s population is 110,000+ and 22,000+ are students. The University of Cambridge which dates back over 800 years is ranked one of the five top schools in the world. A host of colleges and departments make up the University of Cambridge. The interior of the King’s Chapel still remains embedded in my minds-eye.

High Tech City

Cambridge is the center of what is called Silicon Fen.  More than 1000 high-technology companies established offices in the area.  As per usual all over England, the area swims with history that dates back to the Roman Empire. The NY Times says that it’ll take you 36  hours to take in all that Cambridge has to offer. TripAdvisor can help to fill up your journal with things for senior visitors to see and do. I discovered that Cambridge is mostly pedestrian-friendly, most sights can be easily reached on foot and much of the central area is traffic-free.

Punting, Seniors?

The River Cam is a place of continuous entertainment during the summer months. The boats are an unusual flat-bottomed construction and are propelled using a pole that is pushed against the river bed – the boats are called “punts” and  “punting” is very popular in Cambridge.

Cambridge has a high concentration of internationally famous collections of museums and galleries. Shopping is always agreeable in Cambridge and the markets are open seven days a week. Cambridge for the Tourist hones in on all the popular sites attractive to seniors.

Old (1749) Mathematical Bridge and More

The myth goes that it was designed by Isaac Newton without the use of pins, screws, nuts or bolts, but when disassembled, the fellows and students couldn’t figure out how to put it back together again. Lonely Planet notes that “Few cities can take the breath away quite like Cambridge.”

Cambridge is where: the atom was first split, where the structure of DNA was discovered, where Charles Darwin developed the theory of evolution, where Newton developed his theory of gravity, where the order of human DNA was first discovered, where the electron and neutron were discovered, where Stephen Hawking of black-hole fame used to live and work.

Let me tempt senior travelers with a few more scenes from Cambridge England tourism. Wikitravel lists major sites that includes a total of ten colleges, a host of museums, churches and events. A photo gallery is always helpful to prepare first-timers to Cambridge.

The city is totally awesome. Seniors, you may have to plan a full week to enjoy all the amenities in Cambridge.  jeb




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    This is a really informative article of what the beautiful city of Cambridge has to offer. Enjoying a chauffeured punt down the River Cam with a group of people to enjoy, relax and take in the historic sights of the university buildings.

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