Let’s All Go To Chincoteague

Now all we seniors have to do is find it!  Chincoteague is a town on Chincoteague Island in Accomack County, Virginia. It’s called “The Beautiful Land Across the Water.” The population runs right at 4,000. This island is best known for its wild ponies among a host of other attractions.

It’s a fascinating place and senior visitors will find plenty to do. Legend has it that the feral ponies on Assateague Island are descendants of survivors of a Spanish galleon that sank on its way to Spain during a storm in 1750 off the east coast.

Do you know what a Pony Jam is? Me either. Well, on Assateague Island, it turns out to be the term park rangers use to describe the phenom where a dozen or so cars and mini-vans loaded with families grind to a halt in the middle of the main road, so they can take pictures, not recognizing that the traffic is backing up behind them sometimes for up to a mile!

Quaint Little Island Attracts Seniors

This quaint paradise island in Virginia is so beautiful that it draws over one million visitors annually. The Town of Chincoteague is dedicated to providing its citizens and visitors with an island rich in beauty, values, and traditions. Senior citizens will discover boating, a super downtown park, an island nature trail and a host of other attractions. Many say that Chincoteague is the most beautiful island on Virginia’s Eastern Shore.

So go see where those feral ponies run free and take in some bird watching while you’re there.  It’s truly a romantic spot.  The National Park Service calls the area Assateaugue Island. The Visitor’s Services overflows with information on the lighthouse, a good map and the wildlife in the area.

Celebrate summer by attending the 2 largest events on Virginia’s Eastern Shore, Chincoteague Island’s Blueberry Festival and the Pony Swim, a big draw for over 40,000 visitors annually on July 24, 2013. The Chincoteague Museum attracts many senior visitors.

 Wikitravel fills in your itinerary with information of every nature. Even the New York Times highlights the activities on Chincoteague and Assateague Islands. Misty of Chincoteague is a 1947 book by American author Marguerite Henry, inspired by a real Chincoteague Pony named Misty. There’s even a foundation named after Misty.

Virginia is for Lovers and that includes Chincoteague and here’s a small map of the area .  Chincoteague is Virginia’s only resort island.  I’ve found a bunch of rentals for senior citizens to consider and some neat photos to ignite your curiosity. Accommodations are abundant. Events are ongoing year round so plan your vacation based on a few of these.

For me, I think I’d time my visit based on the Seafood Festival. Enjoy everything… every activity in Chincoteague. jeb

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