Seniors Are Working On Their Chinese…In Guangxi

Guangxi is a great place for seniors to visit, according to Gayot. Gayot chose the top 10 romantic destinations worldwide and this spot in China was one of them.  Of course places like Aspen, Kauai, Santorini, Tahiti, the Bahamas and Corsica rated very high. I sure do agree with Corsica, I spent a week there with a travel group.  We loved it.  But back to Guangxi.

Where is Guangxi?

Located in the south of China on the Golf of Tonkin, Guangxi, with 48 million inhabitants, shares a border with Vietnam. I loved that YouTube video. In Guangxi, you will enjoy a subtropical climate, lush landscapes and rugged mountains.  Sounds like something senior world travelers might be interested in.

You will want to check out the many colorful caves, pagodas and a former royal complex in the capital Guilin. Hopefully you will enjoy a good meal of rice and rice noodles. In China they mix in horse meat with chili sauce and fermented soybeans. Is that a taste one can get used to? Hmmm, not real sure.

So here’s a Travel Guide to get you started planning. Wikitravel is always a good resource and don’t miss the neat scenery on this site. It’s noted that while Guangxi is a relatively poor area it is highly scenic.

Here is some information from folks who made the voyage to Guangxi and they found that staying away from the country’s major attractions to be a good part of their trip. The Lijiang River is a major draw in the area… it is beautiful, full of life and is typical China.

Senior Travelers Discover Beautiful China

Let’s plug in a Guangxi Travel Guide to whet your appetite and interests. They have ranked several special sites that seniors will not want to miss and include over 70 visitor photos. I liked the part about “crystal clear rivers” because we have heard so much about China’s heavy pollution due to coal fired industries that have made Beijing almost uninhabitable.  But in Guangxi you will find a China to write home about.

Mapaholic Jim just had to include a few to give you more to consider. This was such a neat discovery and I could go on and on but will conclude with this link that I think you will enjoy reading. So bone up a bit with my Chinese website and enjoy  a few neat photos. Guangxi sounds like a great romantic destination that senior travelers will want to consider. jeb

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