Seniors Travel South…Way South

Have you ever wanted to visit the tip of South America?  Many senior travelers have and some do.  Actually, we don’t go to the very tip on this blog but we visit Puerto Montt, Puerto Varas, Fruitillar, Vincente Rosales Park and Bariloche.  That will keep us busy for at least a week or two.

First, How Do We Get There

We start off by taking a flight to Santiago (Chile) and then another plane on to Puerto Montt.  The other sites above can be easily reached by bus or car.  Senior visitors who have been to the area find that Puerto Montt is the gateway to Chile’s Lake District. This area is famous for its spectacular scenery of deep blue mountain lakes, snow-capped volcanos, pristine beauty of alerce (larch) forests, popular resorts, year-round sports, and traditional folklore, handicrafts and legends.

Frommer’swrites: “Pay attention and I’ll teach you all about the Lake District.” Here’s a helpful map and photos that highlight the area. There is something about the mix of lakes and mountains that inspire relaxation. Add snow capped volcanoes into the mix and it is picture postcard perfection where the scenery has been likened to Switzerland.

Senior Travelers Enjoy the Lake District (Los Lagos)

Chile’s Lake District is aptly named. There are twelve major lakes in the district, with dozens more dotting the landscape. Between the lakes there are rivers, waterfalls, forests, thermal hot springs, and the Andes, including six volcanos with Villaricabeing the highest at 9395 ft (2,847 m.)

The Lake District covers two of Chile’s regions, the Ninth Region, more evocatively known as La Araucanía, and the Tenth Region, Los Lagos. It is anchored at the northern end by the inland city of Temuco(Great city. I’ve been there with students and loved it), in the middle by Valdivia on the Pacific and Osorno inland. The District has numerous lakes and volcanos, the most famous is Osorono, called the “Fujiyama of South America” for its perfect cone. Puerto Montt on the Bay of Reloncavi is at the southern end.

Puerto Varas and Bariloche

The small city of Puerto Varas in Southern Chile has been an essential starting point for expats, foreigners and senior travelers visiting the Patagonia and other locations in the South of Chile. Bariloche is part of Argentina but sits very close to the Chile border.

Check out tours and information on Chile online and plan on a vacation way down south to the Lake District. jeb

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