Seniors Get High On Lower Saxony

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Lower Saxony is a German state situated in northwestern Germany and has a lot to offer senior visitors. Not only does Germany’s second-largest state have cultural, scenic and traditional appeal, it has proven itself as a successful location for industry and commerce.

Lower Saxony borders the North Sea in the north and The Netherlands in the west. The state capital is Hanover with a population of around 500,000. The country’s second largest state in size, Lower Saxony occupies an important band of territory across the northwestern part of the country.

 Agriculture, the traditional mainstay of the local economy, remains more important in Lower Saxony than in most other German states. In common with other German states, Lower Saxony has a lively and well-subsidized cultural life.

Discover the diversity of Lower Saxony as the state stretches from the East Frisian Isles and the unique National Park of the Lower Saxony Tide Lands to the Harz Mountains, the most northern chain of the German low mountains. There are several natural resources such as lignite, natural gas, crude oil, marine products and peat.

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Seniors Drink Tea With Rock Candy

Seniors bring your appetit to Lower Saxony as you will discover a number of traditions when it comes to cuisine that are often widespread, but with local regional variations. Many of the recipes are based on local food and tend to be basic, hearty and flavorsome, rather than haute cuisine.

An exception, perhaps, is Welf Pudding, a layered pudding made from milk, eggs, wine and vanilla, that was created by one of the chefs to the royal household in Hanover.

The Lower Saxons prefer coffee to tea, except in the regions of East Frisia and Friesland where tea is popular and often drunk with Kluntjes (rock candy) and cream. Don’t forget to try the local fresh seafood delicacies, from freshly shelled prawns to the good honest smoked eel.

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 “Niedersachsen” is a mixture of flatlands and mountains. The entire area along the Weser River is spectacular with lakes, waterfalls, mountains, rivers and windmills. Borkum, an island off the North Sea coast is as attractive as the peaks of the Harz Mountains in the south of Lower Saxony.

The area is treasured for its natural beauty with diverse terrain that includes coastline, flatlands, rolling hills and woodlands. Both the wildlife-filled Harz Mountains in the south and the East Frisian Islands off the northern coast are beloved by Germans and senior visitors alike.

Picturesque marsh landscapes, the fairy tale Weserbergland, idyllic river landscapes as well as a multitude of towns remarkable for their cultural history offers diverse possibilities for your vacation plans.

Lower Saxony will provide your vacation dreams come true.  jeb

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