Seniors Discover Small Town Darrington

Darrington_Profile_Photo_400x400 Darrington is a town in Snohomish County, Washington, with a population of 1,347 at the 2010 census. This senior picked up on Darrington as Darrington/Arlington, Washington Advances in $10 Million America’s Best Communities Competition.

Darrington/Arlington is one of just 15 community teams nationwide to make the competition’s semifinals, with an opportunity to win up to $3 million. The motto: “Discover Darrington. It will take a lifetime.” Wow, for a small community that says a lot.“ America’s Best Communities competition could not have appeared at a better time…” stated City of Arlington Mayor Barbara Tolbert.

The first to settle in the area were the people of the Sauk-Suiattle Tribe.  When gold was discovered in 1889 prospectors flooded into the Cascade mountains and the boom town of Darrington began.  Later in 1901 when the first train reached Darrington logging and sawmills began operation.

 Seniors Find Darrington In A Scenic Place

Nestled in the northern Cascades, Darrington is surrounded by beautiful mountains, rivers, and wilderness lands, a community that has strong ties to it’s mountainous surroundings. Nestled among the forested foothills and impressive peaks of the North Cascades, Darrington is a small town with picturesque views and world-class recreational opportunities for senior visitors to enjoy.14575643669_e9710668e4_b

“Only 1.5 hours from Seattle, the town is the gateway to the outdoors, offering countless adventures along three wild and scenic rivers – the Stillaguamish, Sauk, and Suiattle – and the vast network of public lands, including three wilderness areas – Boulder River, Henry M. Jackson, and Glacier Peak – where some of the most spectacular views and experiences await. Hiking, camping, biking, climbing, fishing, horseback riding, guided rafting, and more – Darrington has it all!”

Gold, Waterfall And The Great Outdoors

Once called “The Portage”, the town was renamed Barrington in 1895 following a community meeting. The U.S. Postal Department mistakenly changed the first letter to a “D”, resulting in the current name. Gold was discovered at Monte Cristo in the summer of 1889 and prospectors began to flood into the Cascade Mountains.


A road was punched into Monte Cristo from Sauk City on the Skagit River. The location of where Darrington is now became a half-way point on the road, then a boomtown called “Starve Out”. Be sure to take in Boulder River Trail and view the largest waterfall near Darrington.

One claim to fame is Bob Barker, host of the The Price Is Right, was born in Darrington, Washington. In early 2014 a craft brewery “Whiskey Ridge Brewing Company” became the first craft brewery in Darrington. It was located in the historic Old City Town Hall building but moved to Arlington in 2015 and is located at 116 E 5th Street, Arlington.

I have discovered that Facebook has a lot to say about communities like Darrington. So set your GPS for Darrington, senior travelers and enjoy all that this small town has to offer.  It’s on my travel bucket list. -jeb

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