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Stepantsminda, is a small town in north-eastern Georgia. Historically and ethnographically, the town is part of the Khevi province and is the center of the Kazbegi Municipality. I actually was searching for a site called Kazbegi that was featured on the Travel Photo of the Day on my iPhone.

I learned that the town of Kazbegi, officially named Stepantsminda, but better known under the old name of Kazbegi, is a mountain town on the Georgian Military Highway. Built by the Russians in the 19th century, the “Georgian Military Road,” is the only pass-road across the wild mountains that can be used by cars.

It has been celebrated in Russian poetry since the late 19th century. It is a spectacular drive at any time of the year, but most impressive during spring time, when the sheep are being driven across the snow covered mountains.

Georgian Caucasus Draws Senior Hikers

The town is 10km south of the border with Russia, which is open again for some nationalities. On the western side of the river, the town is known as Gergeti. For all intents and purposes, it is essentially one town in the Georgian Caucasus and seniors will find some great sightseeing.  Stepantsminda is known for its scenic location in the Greater Caucsus mountains, and today is a center for hikers and mountain climbers.

Senior travelers, let’s go visit Kazbegi if you prefer…Stepantsminda.  It is a leading producer of beer and soft drinks in all of Georgia. Tourism, woodworking industry and other sectors of Georgia’s economy attract senior visitors. 

Having sprung up on the debris of the Soviet economy and civil war ten years ago, “Kazbegi”, the beer producing company, today is a multi-profile business group, occupying successful positions not only in food producing and processing industry, but also in tourism and other sectors of the Georgian economy.

Close To Russian Border

Kazbegi is a spectacularly located town just a few kilometers south of the Russian border, with the snowy peak of Mt Kazbek towering to the west, behind the famous hill-top silhouette of Tsminda Sameba Church.

The Tergi river flows through Kazbegi and ultimately into Russia and finally into the Caspian Sea. Alpine meadows and forests surround the Kazbegi Nature Reserve.

The Kazbegi region distinguishes itself with nature, valleys, speeding rivers and blue lakes and is situated only 2 1/2 hours and 90 miles north of Tbilisi. Caucasian’s highest glacier called Mkinvartsveri is evident and under the glacier is the famous St. Trinity church.

Mount Kazbegi is a dormant stratovolcano and one of the chief mountains of the Caucasus, dominating Stepantsminda. It is the third highest mountain in Georgia and the seventh highest peak in the Caucasus.

There will be plenty to see and do so enjoy your visit to Kazbegi/Stepantsminda. jeb

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