Seniors Search Out Healthy Jönköping


This city was selected as one of the ten healthiest cities in the world. Jönköping, senior travelers discover, is a city in southern Sweden with 61,559 inhabitants and  is located on the southern end of Sweden’s second largest lake, Vättern.

The area around the city encompasses 127,000 Swedes. The area includes Haskvarna, a twin city of Jönköping. Our health is not just a byproduct of how we live, it’s also about where we live. A truly healthy city makes it easy for residents to adopt a healthful lifestyle, whether it’s by providing quality health care, encouraging preventive medicine or reducing air pollution.

Jönköping seems to have it all: waterfalls, mountains, marshlands and lookout points in all directions and several nature reserves just minutes away. Most locations are easily reached via bicycle routes, winding paths and signposted hiking trails.

Seniors Enjoy A Biker Friendly City


Jönköping is by many Swedes referred to as The Jerusalem of Sweden because of its many churches. Jönköping also has two smaller lakes of its own, Munksjön (‘The Monk Lake’) and Rocksjön (‘The Rock Lake’).

The city center is small and is quite pedestrian and biker friendly. A good starting point for senior visitors to discover Jönköping is its central station, Jönköping Resecentrum, where trains and buses to and from other cities depart and arrive.

Lakes, Meadows And Wooded Hills


The city’s homepage will find places for senior visitors to stay, to eat and to have fun. The entire region is dotted with beautiful small lakes, rolling wooded hills, meadows, wetlands and a beach right in the town center.

Jönköping is said to be an ideal venue for meetings and trade since it is strategically located between Sweden’s three largest cities. For a long time, Jönköping was Sweden’s southernmost outpost and enemies would invade from over the hills to raid and pillage. Today, more than 3 million people visit the town every year to enjoy culture or sports, attend courses or to conduct business.

The town center consists of equal parts water, streets and sandy beaches and boasts one of Sweden’s highest concentrations of restaurants. Spira, the new culture center, has put Jönköping on the map since it opened in 2011 and features dancing, music and theater.

Seniors are invited to discover one of Sweden’s gems.  jeb

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