Seniors Seek Adventure in Genalguacil

GENALGUACIL It’s a bet that should win when I challenge you senior travelers as to whether or not you have ever heard of Genalguacil. It is a municipality of 500 in the province of Málaga, part of the autonomous community of Andalusia in southern Spain.

The municipality is situated approximately 150 km north of the city of Málaga on the Mediterranean coast. CNN Travel found it for this senior and suggests that we all go and check it out for ourselves.


The woods of Genalguacil are of enormous value and beauty, populated by chestnuts, corks and pines, including the Blue Spanish Fir, a botanic relic that is found nowhere else in the world.

Almost 90% of the municipal territory is covered by woods. Besides the forests, there is an abundance of water in this region that makes possible a large number of orchards.

Genalguacil is a town with steep, narrow, winding cobble stone streets, and white houses everywhere, each adorned with pots of colorful flowers. The only monument in town is the Church of San Pedro de Verona dating back to the 17th century.

 Seniors Discover White Villages


The town of Genalguacil Malageño shares with other “white villages” of the province of Andalusia, charm and picturesque character given by its whitewashed houses.

Genalguacil is not just another village. Its little squares and balconies overflow with flowers and its inhabitants lead peaceful, silent lives that are historically and economically dependent on the extraction of cork for your wine bottles.

Genalguacil is an “open air museum” with paintings, sculptures and other works of art integrated throughout the village. Every two years “Art Encounters” keeps everyone in the town busied with a throng of tourists. Art and nature come together for (“Los Encuentros de Arte del Valle del Genal”) “Art Encounters in Genalguacil”, that takes place the first two weeks of August.


Seniors Find Unusual Art Encounters

Yes, that video is in Spanish, but I found it to be a good one…so maybe its time to work on your Spanish with my Spanish Websites. Gracias.

For the festival, various artists from all over Spain and the world, work, create, live together and exchange ideas and experiences. The local Council provides them with accommodation, food, as well as materials, means and equipment for their creations. In return, the art pieces made become part of the patrimony of the town that has become a real open-air museum.

Genalguacil, a town with only 500 residents, tucked away in the Genal valley, has hosted this art festival for the past 20 years. And get this, the budget for Art Encounters is 100,000 euros – the highest in its history.

Seniors, when you are in Málaga, see if you can find Genalguacil up there hidden in the hills.  Enjoy your adventure. jeb

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