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Perpignan Draws Senior Travelers

Perpignan lies in the southeast corner of France close the border of Spain north of Barcelona, 8 miles west of the Mediterranean and 19 miles north of the Spanish border, within sight of the Pyrénées. Senior travelers find that it’s not large, with just over 120,100 inhabitants (Perpignanais, Perpinyanés) in the city proper. Though settlement in the area goes back to Roman times, the medieval town of Perpignan seems to have been founded around the beginning of the 10th century (first mentioned in a document as villa Perpiniarum in 927) and that’s a long time ago.

Perpignan is situated near France’s stunning Côte Vermeille (the Red Coast). Perpignan, the second city of Catalonia, the region that encompasses France and Spain, is a wonderfully lively city, one that passed back and forth between French and Spanish rule over the centuries.  Now in Languedoc-Roussillon, the French Catalans still keep a separate identity from the rest of France with their own language and the national colors of yellow and red that you see everywhere.

I’ll Show My Bias

When I was a student years ago at the Sorbonne, I was told that I had an accent from the Perpignan area.  To me, an American student, it was a compliment that I still cherish. So I have always been fond of Perpignan.  I want to share with my senior friends some of the attractions of the city and good reasons for you to consider spending some quality time there. You’ll discover much to see and do and senior visitors will enjoy just strolling through the town.

Attractions for Senior Visitors

Perpignan has a close connection with the sculptor Aristide Maillol, who attended school there; and artist Salvador Dali proclaimed that the Perpignan rail station is the center of the universe. Today in Perpignan, senior visitors will experience a pedestrian-friendly historic quarter; a daily market; several arts festivals in the summer and lively nightlife.

This site has a number of day trips, images to review, info on the weather and much more. Senior travelers will find lots of history with a host of old buildings in downtown Perpignan, the historic center and more fun sites to visit.

TripAdvisor has a helpful listing of top-rated hotels as well as some suggestions on things for senior citizens to do and where to dine. And another new discovery for Jim called Eye Flare travel advice and tips.

Yahoo Travel will put you into a fine hotel. views Perpignan At A Glance with some fine restaurants and others things to do elsewhere in the Midi-Pyrénées and Languedoc-Roussillon. That name Languedoc, is an interesting one, and as a teacher of French I learned that it meant the “Language of Oc” a region where the word YES was ‘Oc’. In northern France the word ‘oïl’ became “Oui”. How about that?

Enjoy your visit to Perpignan and do learn a few words in French prior to your visit. It will make your visit more enjoyable.  jeb

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