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Seniors Prep For Sochi and Olympics

Seniors, if you have not yet heard the name Sochi, you will soon. It’s where the next Winter Olympics will be held, in Russia, in 2014.  That’s really not that far off folks, so let’s see what we can learn about Sochi prior to the Olympics. Sochi  is a city situated on the Black Sea coast between Georgia and Russia. Greater Sochi sprawls for 90 miles along the shores near the Caucasus Mountains with a permanent population of just over 340,000 and covers a total area of 1,352 square miles.

The Russian Formula 1 Grand Prix from 2014 will also take place in Sochi. Greater Sochi claims to be the longest city in Europe running just over 90 miles long.  That a long long city folks. It looks quite modern to me. So what else might draw seniors to Sochi? The attractions in Sochi start with the Dendrary Botanical Garden, the Augura Waterfalls, the Dolpharium and a way cool Sochi Discovery World Aquarium.

Unofficial “Summer Capital” of Russia Attractive to Seniors

Sochi is called the “Black Pearl” and is the country’s biggest and busiest summer sea resort, attracting more than 4 million visitors annually with its amazing mountainous coastline, endless shingle beaches, warm sunny days, and bustling nightlife. From May to September Sochi’s population at least doubles with tourists, including celebrities and political elite of the country. Strangely, only 3 percent of this visitors’ crowd are international travelers but Bono made it there… it must have had something going for Bono to check it out.

Sochi brings them in and attracts senior vacation-goers with its subtropical vegetation, numerous parks, monuments, and extravagant Stalinist architecture. About two million people visit Greater Sochi each summer, when the city is home to the annual film festival “Kinotavr” and a getaway for Russia’s elite.

Attractive Coastline Attracts Senior World Travelers

Wikipedia can fill in lots of gaps on the city. I wonder if Bono knew that the territory of today’s Sochi was inhabited for thousands of years by Caucasian mountainous tribes and was under the influence and dominion of ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Abkhazian and Ottoman civilizations. A few landmarks of antecedent civilizations remain, including the bronze age table-stones and medieval Byzantine temples.

The backdrop of Sochi features the snow-capped peaks of the Caucasus Mountains, where Mount Elbrus, the highest mountain in Europe, stands 18,500 feet high. France’s Mont Blanc is a mere 15,700 feet. Sochi has miles and miles of prime Black Sea coastline to work with. The sea is warm and reportedly clean. That rocky shoreline? Nothing a little imported sand can’t cure.

Spas, beaches and mountain scenery, the presence of mineral springs, attractive coastal and mountain scenery, long beaches, and the warm climate have made Sochi a large and popular holiday and health resort.  Sochi Information is a very helpful guide for first timers to the area.

We’ll be hearing lots more about Sochi in the months ahead.  jeb



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