Seniors Head For Lombok


Senior travelers we are off to Indonesia,  Lombok Island to be precise. With Bali to the west and Sumbawa to the east, Lombok is beautiful, as these photos show. If you love photography, Lombok is for you.

Lombok, immediately east of Bali and approximately the same size, however, its climate and terrain differ. Lombok has a large immigrant Balinese population and their houses and temples are similar to those of Bali. Mataram is the capital city and also the island’s largest city and a good center for day trips to the surrounding areas.

 For senior snorkers or divers, Lombok is made for you. Lying a few kilometers off the west coast of Lombok just north of Senggigi beach are three isles no more than two or three kilometers in circumference. These isles are considered special because of the diversity and abundance of marine life that finds its home in the extensive coral waters that surround each of the them.lomboklinks-sade-village

Senior Visitors Learn of Island’s Cultures

The Museum Negeri Nusa Tenggara Barat exhibits a variety of beautiful and fascinating cultures of the island. The ancient artifacts and decorative arts, as well as local armor and arms are all displayed in the museum. The Museum collection includes manuscripts conveying the ancient history of the area, written on lontar (dried palm leaves), barks and bamboo, in ancient native language.

The Architecture of this region is typical “Sasak” House. A visit to a traditional Sasak village is a necessary part of your trip to Lombok. Sasak villages are distinctively marked by grass-roofed-houses. Like many ethnic groups in Indonesia, the indigenous Sasak belong to the Austronesians as they are called who migrated from mainland China some 5,000 years ago.

The Sasak (around 90% of the population) are Muslims but have a culture and language unique to Lombok. There’s also a significant Hindu Balinese minority, a legacy of the time when Bali controlled Lombok.

Visitors Discover Unspoiled Paradise Island


Lombok Sumbawa, as it is called, awaits your visit and in many ways lives up to or exceeds the promotional term, “an unspoiled Bali”. With beautiful beaches, enchanting waterfalls, the large, looming volcano of Mount Rinjani combined with relatively few tourists, Lombok is indeed the paradise tropical island that many people still mistakenly imagine Bali to be.

Lombok is becoming increasingly popular with tourists and honeymooners who want to relax in an inexpensive, tropical, un-crowded atmosphere, with many natural treasures and majestic scenery. Nothing happens quickly in Lombok and visitors find Lombok a delightful place to unwind. Enjoy this one folks. jeb


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    off to malaysia, lombok to be precise??? lombok is in Indonesia…

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