Parke County Attracts Seniors

Parke County lies in the western part of Indiana along the Wabash River and is the Covered Bridge Capital of America. And why not with 31 wooden bridges. This senior is from Iowa and the Bridges of Madison County was a great movie a few years back.

I visited several of them but there are many more in Indiana. You will find them all around the towns of Bloomingdale, Bunker Hill, Marshall,  Mecca, Montezuma, Rockville and Rosedale. Each one is unique and has a story to tell about its history.

 Seniors Learn the ‘Whys’ of Covered Bridges

The name Parke was selected in honor of Benjamin Parke, who had come to Indiana in 1801, was a member of the First Territorial Legislature, and first Representative in Congress of this territory. In the 1800′s covered bridges were practical due to the abundance of virgin timber and were covered to protect the floorboards.

Another reason the bridges were covered is that the horses did not like to cross the open bridges where they could see and hear the rushing water. The bridges were covered to make the entrances look like that of a barn. The horses would enter willingly since it looked like home to them.

Covered bridges were known as “kissing bridges” as courting couples were prone to stop and steal a kiss before leaving the bridge. Great idea huh? Parke County has plenty of other sites for senior visitors to check out. In 2005 someone set the Bridgeton Bridge on fire and the locals decided to get together and rebuild it.

   Explore Parke County with its scenic back roads, 31 covered bridges, and expansive Amish country. Senior visitors can relive America’s past through the county’s many restored historic buildings and communities. Events are available year-round.

 Seniors Invited to the Covered Bridge Festival

The Mansfield Village celebration of the Covered Bridge Festival is unlike anywhere else in the country. Hundreds of thousands of visitors gather in October every year in Parke County and the Mansfield Covered Bridge always stands out as one of the most frequented.

Built in 1867, the bridge is 247 feet long and was built by J. J. Daniels to cross Big Raccoon Creek. It is an icon that continues to remind visitors of a simpler time.

Beginning the second Friday of October for 10 days, senior visitors can take part in the  celebration of the 31 bridges with the Parke County Covered Bridge Festival. Several surrounding communities invite you to eat, shop, tour and, admire the bridges. In Mansfield Village, an 1820s roller mill and an 1867 covered bridge make it a must see visit.

The County has a plethora of activities to offer all senior visitors and all ages.  Step back in time to experience life at a turn of the century village, hike in one of Indiana’s finest state parks or canoe down a creek. There is plenty to choose from for a great visit. jeb

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