Seniors Find Harmony In Concord


Concord, North Carolina is an historical city and Historic Downtown Concord is like no other attraction or shopping venue in the region. Within a radius of two city blocks, senior visitors can enjoy two live theaters, a museum, two art galleries, a library, a gourmet French chocolate shop, a pottery studio, an up-and coming university, a botanical garden, and a pedestrian greenway system.

The name “Concord” means “with harmony“. By United States standards, Concord is considered an old town, incorporated in 1806. Look for markers identifying the original town limits as you walk along the downtown area. Concord is an “All American City.”  I am always impressed with cities that carry this high honor that is awarded for good reason.


Cabarrus County’s largest city, was established in 1796 near the center of the county to serve as the seat of local government. It began as a small hamlet and became the major cotton market for an area that included parts of several surrounding counties.

 Senior NASCAR Enthusiasts, Take Note

I first became acquainted with Concord watching a NASCAR race on TV. I noted that it was coming from NASCAR Speedpark that is Home to NASCAR Races, Driving Schools, and Speedway Tours. It is a major draw for tourists of all ages and a centerpiece of the city.


Only a half-hour drive north of Charlotte, Concord is home to two of North Carolina’s most popular tourist attractions, the legendary Lowe’s Motor Speedway and Concord Mills. Lowe’s Motor Speedway is a 167,000 seat facility with a 1.5 mile track that is host to numerous events and activities including three of the country’s largest car shows, driving schools and of course NASCAR racing events.

Displaying over fifty classic, antique, 50s and 60s automobiles, Backing Up Classics Auto Museum is located next to Lowe’s Motor Speedway. Concord Mills is the shopping entertainment destination of the Carolinas and is the most popular visitor attraction in North Carolina, featuring over 200 stores.

Historical Homes And A Gold Mine Interest Seniors


The Cabarrus County Courthouse was completed in 1876 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. You can’t help but notice the sixteen foot marble Civil War monument, dedicated in 1892, located on the front lawn. For senior architectural fans, Concord boasts a comprehensive collection of late nineteenth and early twentieth century historic homes.

Senior visitors will enjoy a visit to the Reed Gold Mine, the site of the nation’s first gold discovery back in 1799. It was John Reed’s son who found a 17-pound yellow rock in the meadow, which was later identified as a gold nugget.

Concord is host to several quality museums, galleries, theaters and historical attractions. Frank Liske Park offers a variety of outdoor opportunities like fishing, golfing and hiking.

Seniors, when you are in North Carolina, drop by Concord and enjoy this exciting city.  jeb

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