Seniors Enjoy “Furniture City”


I’ve spent a little time in Michigan, but surly did not know that Grand Rapids is the second-largest city in the  state, and the largest city in Western Michigan as well as the seat of Kent County.  A historic furniture-manufacturing center, senior travelers discover that Grand Rapids is  home to five of the world’s leading office furniture companies.

During the second half of the 19th century, the city became a major lumbering center, processing timber harvested in the region. By the end of the century, it was established as the premier furniture-manufacturing city of the United States. For this reason it was given the name “Furniture City”.


Its more common modern nickname of River City refers to the landmark Grand River for which it was named. U.S. President Gerald Ford, along with his wife Betty, is buried on the grounds of the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids.

Seniors Say ‘Yes’ To A Travel Destination City

The Grand Rapids area was first settled near the start of the 19th century by missionaries and fur traders. They generally lived in reasonable peace alongside the Ottawa people, with whom they traded European metal and textile goods for fur pelts.


Lonely Planet named Grand Rapids the top U.S. travel destination for 2014. “What’s the appeal,” senior travelers ask? The most vibrant downtown between Chicago and Cleveland. A world-renowned art scene. World-class craft breweries. Fascinating museums and historic sites.

It is located on the Grand River about 25 miles east of Lake Michigan with a city population that runs close to 200,000. The city and surrounding communities are economically diverse, with economies based in the health care, information technology, automotive, aviation, and consumer goods and manufacturing industries.


Seniors Experience Exhilarating Community Spirit

Grand Rapids is an exciting city and invites you to spend a few days enjoying all that it has to offer. Senior visitors will discover that Festivals are ongoing all year long, and are invited to experience the creative energy of Grand Rapids.

 Located only 25 miles east of Lake Michigan, senior visitors will enjoy dazzling art and culture, awesome dining and nightlife, inspiring natural beauty and exhilarating community spirit.

You can stroll along walkable downtown jam-packed with more than 100 restaurants, clubs, theaters and museums. In Grand Rapids, every day is a work of art. You are sure to enjoy your visit. -jeb

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