Seniors Find Pop Culture in Williamsburg


Williamsburg is said to be a ‘City within a City’. Few other enclaves inspire the kind of love-it-or-loathe-it partisanship that this one does. But the thing for senior visitors to remember is that Williamsburg is actually a rather large neighborhood in Brooklyn New York, both in population and geography. It’s home to 125,000 people, about the same as Harlem.

Near the L-train stops, it offers a fantastically hip (or annoying, depending on your disposition) array of bars, restaurants and shopping. The eastern and southern borders are more affordable but less safe, and lag in retail density and access to green space. Pinterest puts it all together for us with some great links that show the multifaceted life in Williamsburg.

Williamsburg has emerged in recent years as a pop-culture darling, and a force in defining NYC trends. While it seems that everyone has an opinion on Williamsburg, those that live in the neighborhood prefer not to overthink it. Instead, senior visitors will find a refreshingly care-free community where the motto is “do your own thing” – and always have a good time along the way.



The Brooklyn Flea will move to a permanent home in Williamsburg, at the East River State Park.The market, known for such unusual offerings as its deadstock bow ties and emu mayonnaise, is moving into the park next door. The Williamsburg Bridge, known as the Willy B by the locals gets confused with its immediate neighbor, the Manhattan Bridge, which also spans the East River.

Seniors Discover The ‘In’ Place To Be

The good news is: “This is a neighborhood in which the word diversity could have been invented,” said Devine of the Dime Savings Bank, “and it’s in the process of reinventing itself. Real estate values have exploded in the past two or three years. There’s new construction on every piece of land that was vacant and renovation of existing buildings. The area has a perception of being the “in” place to be.


So when you are in NYC, swing by Williamsburg and see for yourself all the good things  that are going on. Begin your Brooklyn adventure in the edgy neighborhood of Williamsburg. Discerning seniors will most likely soon see it as the home of the hipster.

Recently it has become the home of the culture maven, formerly known as the hipster, who renounces the loaded hipster label, and any label at all. It is also the home of the successful artist, financial guru, aspiring model, artisan cheese-crafter, famous partying actor, faux-hawked toddler, and trust-funded novelist.

Williamsburg is the home of innovative art, the Brooklyn indie music scene, and some of the most fun and interesting places to go. This cultural hub makes a great day trip for senior travelers, so make it a stop by on your next trip to NYC. jeb

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