Seniors Discover “The Unspoiled Queen”

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Yours truly has discovered a new island to visit: Saba. Traveling to Saba Netherlands Antilles from her neighbor St. Maarten is just the beginning of your senior adventure.

The Netherlands have been firmly in possession of the island of Saba, since the early 19th century. The island of Saba, pronounced “SAY-ba” rises majestically from clear azure waters. Saba is like no other Caribbean destination. It mainly consists of the remains of a potentially-active,  yet dormant volcano named Mt. Scenery.

The population of Saba is around 1,500 residents spread into four major villages and includes the 200-300 medical students attending the famous Saba University of Medicine.  Untouched by the quickening pace of the modern world, an island caught within a moment, and the moment within which she’s captured you ask?

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The old Caribbean… safe, friendly and charming with exquisite natural beauty both above and below her waterline. The locals are downright friendly and genuine, so it’s easy for seniors to fall into the pace of island life. 

At Windwardside, Mount Scenery is the major attraction. At 3,000 feet, Mount Scenery is the highest point on the mountainous island of Saba and can be reached via a difficult hike through the rainforest. Most revenues come from tourism and the sea. There are plenty of good comfortable accommodations to be found on Saba with a surprising number of quality restaurants as well.

Orchids, Birds And Fish Catch Senior’s Eye

You will love all the wild orchids and the 60 species of birds that inhabit the island. For you divers, 200 kinds of fish swim near its shores. Saba offers a level of diversity that seems impossible given its extremely small size. This little-known speck of land is one of the favorite honeymoon destinations in all of the Caribbean.

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The entire island has an 18th century feel to it and life moves at a slow and leisurely pace that senior visitors enjoy. Read this Saba travel guide for additional specs. Small yes, at just 13 sq km, Saba is one of the smallest islands in the Caribbean.

TripAdvisor suggests 28 things for senior visitors to see and do on the island. Since you are on the ocean, you can swim, snorkel, dive, sail, go fishing, try scuba or sea-trek, parasailing, banana boating. If you plan to rent a car in Saba, be aware you will be driving on the left.

Okay divers, ahoy there.  SeaSaba is the Dive Center that brings in divers from every nation. Saba is famous for its numerous scuba diving venues, eco-tourism opportunities, lobster fishing, a distinct lack of commercialism, and a relaxing, isolated solitude. Saba is the land of towering crags, rain forests and the famous ‘road that could not be built’.

What makes Saba such a magical experience is that it is far away from the cares and worries of today’s hurried world. So learn to say “SAY-ba” and head off for a great adventure in the Caribbean.  jeb

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