Seniors Enjoy Danville, The River City

I was watching TV this morning and when the weather came up, there was Danville, Virginia. The name just sounded like a nice place for seniors to visit. Must have been a good reason that it stood out to me, so I had to go exploring and find out why Danville has a ring to its name. I found that there were 15 towns in the US called Danville.

I learned that Danville, VA is called “The River City, Where Innovation Flows.” It sits right near the border of North Carolina. At first glance, Danville may appear to be an unassuming town today, but the ornate and elaborate facades of 47 stately mansions hint at its wealthy historic past.

Today the town is seeing unprecedented downtown revitalization in its business district and residential areas, such as the landmark Millionaires’ Row area on Main Street. The town was, in an earlier age, a manufacturing hub, particularly cotton and important tobacco auction center. Many of the mansions built by the tobacco and textile barons of the late 19th century still stand as testimony to the wealth and power of those industries.

Danville, the Heart of Southern Virginia, has all the qualities of small-town charm (pop. 43,000+) as well as the many assets of a city ready to burst with excitement. Sitting on the banks of the Dan River, it hosts a wide variety of activities ranging from outdoor festivals and events to concerts featuring nationally-acclaimed artists in a newly-renovated amphitheater.

Senior History Buffs Like Danville

A good place for senior travelers to start a visit is a walk along a  prestigious section of Main Street, stopping to explore area history and art at the Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History, housed in one of the glorious mansions mentioned above.

The Virginia International Raceway packs in many visitors with huge crowds and the Danville Historical Society delights senior visitors, highlighting the preservation of historic buildings, artifacts and souvenirs of the past.

Located at the historic Crossing at the Dan, the Danville Science Center delights visitors of all ages with its hands-on exhibits and special programs that make science fun. A walk through the Averett University campus, founded in 1859, will take senior visitors back in history.

The Danville Riverwalk Trail is another major draw for visitors. With the ability to lure walkers, bikers and moms with strollers through parks, historic sites and businesses, this trail along the Dan River links the town’s past to its future.

The Riverwalk and mountain bike trail systems host a myriad of trail events to include bike races, trail runs, charity walks, marathons, canine events and environmental education activities as well as park special events. Senior bikers, bring along your bike as Danville is home to one of the longest single track mountain bike trails in the region.

Enjoy your visit to Danville, VA. jeb

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