Seniors Discover the Isle of Yelapa

I would like to think that this senior knows Mexico fairly well, having been there several times. Nevertheless I had never heard of Yelapa, called “A Hidden Gem” or by others…”A State of Mind.”

Tiny Yelapa’s charm is that the best things are free and is presently highly recommend by travel magazines as a place to seek refuge on your next trip to Mexico.

Nestled in the southernmost cove of the world’s 7th largest bay, lies the peaceful village of Yelapa in the State of Jalisco. Although there is a road which leads to the pueblo, the isle is most easily accessible by boat. You will discover that it is “somewhat isolated” and hemmed in between jungle and ocean.

This might be neat…Yelapa has no roads or cars and very few phones. Could you handle that? Plus there are no street names or maps but no need to worry. Yelapa is the kind of place where someone will just point you in the right direction.

If you’ve been to Puerto Vallarta you can easily locate Yelapa 30 miles to the south. It’s a sleepy little find that many call the “Stuff of Fairy Tails”.

Set in a cove at the foot of mountains that tumble down into the sea and at the end of a bone-rattling road followed by a bit of a hike through Chacala (Huichol) Indian land, that’s Yelapa.

Yelapa, Hot Senior Destination

These days, Yelapa is hot. Why? It is a perfect destination for senior travelers who wants to get away from it all. In the last couple of years, it has emerged as one of the must-visit destinations in Mexico, or anywhere. Hilary Swank vacations here and so does Peter Coyote.

This peaceful little village, surrounded by over 50,000 acres of the second most bio-diverse jungle and waters of the world, focuses on artistic ventures, nature and outdoor recreation. Lounging on the beach, swimming, snorkeling, hiking to one of the island’s jungle waterfalls or mountain biking are popular pastimes. Yoga retreat spas are highly sought after.

From one end of Banderas Bay to the other takes only about 45 minutes. Behind the beach where boats land is a village of steep paths, randomly laid out. The atmosphere in Yelapa is very laid back, which is what drew bohemians, artists, and hippies in the 1960s and 1970s.

Senior Citizens Visit This “Getaway”

Just so you comprehend what you can expect, Yelapa is straight out of Daniel Dafoe’s famous castaway novel ‘Robinson Crusoe’. It is an artist/hippie retreat.

The island’s charm beckons adventurous senior visitors and folks wishing to enjoy these untouched shores. Yelapa hotels provide a spectacular level of privacy and tranquility, tucked into this tiny little village that has been largely undisturbed by the tourism industry.

You adventure loving seniors, pack your carry-on, swimming gear and plenty of sun tan oil and head to Yelapa for some “true peace and calm.” jeb

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