Seniors Visit Hainin

This time it is out to visit Hainin. I read many travel guides and journals and Hainin came up as another great spot to visit in mysterious China.  Senior citizens, have you been to China yet? It’s on my bucket list and my list is growing daily with all those travel magazines that I subscribe to.

Hainan literally “South of the Sea is the smallest province of the People’s Republic of China. The name “Hainan” also refers the main island of the province. Hainan, located in the South China Sea, lies to the south of mainland China. Let’s take a closer look to see what the big “draws” are for senior visitors.

The only tropical province in China, Hainan is blessed with a charming tropical island landscape and a pleasant climate, contributing to its unique folklore and culture. It is known as a Chinese all-season garden and a holiday resort for all Chinese.

When traveling  in Hainan, senior visitors have a unique opportunity to discover handicrafts of every kind. No matter whether it comes from the sea or mountain their handicrafts are unique products. Located far from the interior of mainland China, Hainan was called “the Edge of the Earth” in ancient times.

Seniors Enjoy World’s Most Beautiful Island

Hainan’s climate is tropical, characterized by hot and humid summers, with mild, pleasant winters. Temperatures usually range from 24-35°C in the summer, and 19-25°C in the winter. Today, it is undergoing heavy tourist-oriented development with various international hotel chains establishing resorts, especially in the Sanya area.

These days, many wealthy Chinese from the northern provinces own second homes in Hainan, where they move to in the winter to escape the bitter cold of much of northern China. Kind of like all the Snowbirds here in Arizona. You won’t have any trouble finding a quality hotel, the island has 1,477 of them. TripAdvisor adds their recommendations of museums, beaches and monuments for senior travelers to visit on Hainan.

Hainan is the sole tropical island in China, and is known around the world as “the world’s most beautiful island”.  It has other names, such as Coconut Island, Sunshine Island, Longevity Island, Health Island. It is one of only a few resort destinations perfect for for summer holidays, winter swimming and vacationing as well.

Now Hainan is making great strides towards the grand goal of building an international tourist island and invites you to put it on your itinerary and your visit to China.

Enjoy your visit to Hainan folks. It’s a one of a kind. jeb



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