Seniors Settle Down in Sandy Springs


Senior travelers, can you name the largest cities in Georgia?  Sure Atlanta, and then maybe Columbus, Savannah and Athens.  But where from there? Yes it’s Sandy Springs, located north of Atlanta with a population right at 95,000.

Sandy Springs, once a rural village and summer retreat was incorporated in 2005. The city was named after the natural sandy springs that still exist as a protected historic site.

The Sandy Springs Festival is the largest annual community event in Sandy Springs with approximately 30,000 attendees. Established in 1984, the annual Festival celebrated its 29th run this year. Another big draw is the Sandy Springs Artapalooza, a Fine Arts Festival that is held annually. Between 125 to 150 notable artists from around the country participate in this event.


Wow, twelve parks in town including Heritage Green, a 4-acre park at the center of Sandy Springs new downtown development. It is the sight of the original underground springs for which the city is named and is anchored by the Heritage Sandy Springs Museum. Morgan Falls Park is the largest park in Sandy Springs and is rich with treasures like wildlife and panoramic vistas of the Chattahoochee River.

 Seniors Discover Home to Big Companies

Sandy Springs is known nationally for outsourcing  everything. It offers residents and senior guests immediate access to big-city excitement and traditional Southern charm. Sandy Springs is rich in a variety of unique delights: more than 20 miles of glorious shoreline along the Chattahoochee River, parks city-wide, a dynamic economy and a sense of community that sustains and welcomes all.


Senior visitors are encouraged to explore the city for quality hotels, festive events and great places to enjoy a wide array of amazing outdoor recreational activities. You will discover  numerous fine dining and shopping options.

What put Sandy Springs on the map? Well, nota bene: It is home to over 8,000 businesses and headquarters of more Fortune 500 companies than any other city in Georgia and this figure even out numbers Atlanta. The largest employers in Sandy Springs include:  United Parcel Service, IBM, AT&T Mobility, WorldPay, Ceridian,, Global Payments and Cisco Systems.

When you plan a journey south, keep Sandy Springs in mind. It’s a great retreat.  jeb


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