Seniors Drop In On Another “Burg”

800px-Parkersburg_West_Virginia_floodwallThis senior likes towns that end in “burg” because I just know that there was someone behind the official name of the town. Parkersburg, West Virginia (pop. 32,000) along the Ohio River is a good example.

When the city was settled in the late 18th century following the American Revolutionary War, it was named Newport. This was part of a westward migration of settlers from parts of Virginia to the east, closer to the Atlantic Ocean.

A town section was laid out on land granted to Alexander Parker for his Revolutionary War service. The title conflicts between Parker and the city planners of Newport were settled in 1809 in favor of his heirs. The town was renamed Parkersburg in 1810. The town motto is “Where West Virginia Began.”

Festivals And Historic District Welcomes Seniors


The Annual Mid-Ohio Valley Multi-Cultural Festival, an international festival featuring traditional dance and music and an international marketplace is held in June.

The Parkersburg Homecoming Festival is held in August and features a parade, fireworks, half-marathon, competitions and entertainment.

Julia-Ann Square Historic District, where my wife and I would start our visit, was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1977. In Parkersburg senior visitors will experience the intriguing past of one of West Virginia’s most historic cities through colorful and fascinating museums and historic sites.


Add The Castle (1209 Ann Street) to your list of classic and historic homes along with the Van Winkle-Wix House (600 Juliana Street) constructed in 1836 by Peter Van Winkle (no relation to Rip I hear). The Wood County Courthouse built in 1899 is another classic building.

Seniors Also Like Historical State Parks

Several museums well worth a visit include The Blennerhassett Museum of Regional History, the  Henry Cooper House, the Oil and Gas Museum, the Sumnerite African-American History Museum, The Artcraft Studio and the Veterans Museum of Mid-Ohio Valley.

The Blennerhassett Island Historical State Park, the Henderson Hall Plantation, and the outdoor recreation at North Bend State Park & Rail Trail add to the attractiveness of the entire area. Lonely Planet notes that Fort Boreman is a Civil War fortification overlooking the city of Parkersburg and offers senior visitors some beautiful views of the city and the river.


TripAdvisor suggests adding the Smoot Theater to your bucket list visit. I’d have to go check out the Dew Drop Inn, a local bar, just because I like that name. I think that my wife would search out a good B&B and the Log House Homestead might well serve our needs. The structure, architecture and furnishings are of the 1820’s with all the amenities of today.

I conclude today with a folksy-type video visit. It’s a little different. Hope you enjoyed it with your seatbelt attached. It’s really kinda cool, I think. -jeb


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