Seniors Discover Bologna


 This senior recently read a travel article on Bologna, whose population is 700,000+, and wanted to explore the city with our readers. Bologna, in addition to being home to numerous prestigious cultural, economic and political institutions, is one of the most impressive trade fair districts in Europe.

In 2000 it was declared European Capital of Culture and in 2006, a UNESCO “city of music.” Bologna is famed for the oldest university in the Western world, founded in 1088, a lively student population, its exquisite food, the typical brick terra cotta-roofed architecture and porticos, theater and superb nightlife.


The Celts called the city Bona. Later under the Romans it became Bononia. Bolognais is the lively, historic capital in northern Italy. This city enjoys a varied mixture of monuments and architectural examples, medieval towers, antique buildings, churches and the layout of its historical center as well as works of art.


Bologna is also an important transportation crossroad for the roads and trains of northern Italy, where many important mechanical, electronic and nutritional industries have their headquarters. The city is at its best from March/April to October, when it is warm.

Seniors Awed By Bologna’s Beauty

Piazza Maggiore is a sprawling plaza lined with arched colonnades, cafes and medieval and Renaissance structures, such as City Hall, the Neptune Fountain and the Basilica of San Petronio. Among several medieval towers is the leaning Asinelli Tower, which is open for seniors who enjoy a good climb workout.


Ever heard the term “museumed out?” That could happen in this city with its more than fifty museums. I’d enjoy the Archaeological City Museum, representative of local history from prehistoric times to the Roman Age. It is one of the most important in Europe, the second in Italy, for historical artistic quality.

Bologna is considered second only to Venice in beauty by many Italians and has one of the largest and best preserved historic centers among Italian cities. Its architecture is noted for its palette of terra-cotta reds, hence the name of Bologna la rossa, Bologna the red.

 Home To Bolognese Sauce


Bologna, renowned for its culinary tradition, has given its name to the well-known Bolognese sauce, a meat based pasta sauce. Senior visitors discover many fine restaurants throughout the city. 

The rich local cuisine, la cucina Bolognese, depends heavily on meats and cheeses and senior visitors find Bologna’s local cuisine is light-years away from the American deli meat bearing the city’s name.

A sporting nickname for Bologna is Basket City in reference to the successes of the town’s two rival historic basketball clubs. The NY Times writes that… “few Italian cities still live in their main squares as intensely as Bologna does. Since the 13th century, the Piazza Maggiore has served as the city’s social, administrative, political and commercial heart.”

Italy Guides has virtual tours to get you acquainted with Bologna and the many beautiful  Piazzas and Palazzos. The best way to explore Bologna is on foot…enjoy! jeb

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