Seniors Meet At Greasewood Flat

Unknown Greasewood Flat began life as an old bunkhouse building in the middle of the sprawling DC Ranch which ranged over thousands of acres of Sonoran Desert in the late 1800’s. Over the last century this desert has developed into the affluent area of Scottsdale, AZ. Greasewood Flat doesn’t get any more rustic than Greasewood Flat. Many senior travelers come to get that “Cowboy” experience while they are visiting in Arizona.

This place has it all… dining under the stars, live country music and a virtual museum of western antiquities. Greasewood Flat in Pinnacle Peak is a treasured and famous local institution with a rich history.


Once a bunkhouse for local cowboys, this outdoor venue has always appeared in the “Best of the Valley” polls, has recently been named one of the best bars in the West (Sunset Magazine) and was featured on the Travel Channel a few years back.

Stagecoach Stop, Bunkhouse To Greasewood Flat Awes Seniors

Doc Cavalliere bought 45 acres where Greasewood sits back in 1955 to have a place to get away from “downtown” Scottsdale, 21 miles south. The property came with a little wood and canvas building housing a café known as Pinnacle Peak Patio.

He and his wife Marge changed the name to Reata Pass and ran it until 1975. By then they were in their 60s and decided to slow down a bit, so Doc fixed up the old bunkhouse, built some picnic tables, added a dance floor and opened up Greasewood as a little hideaway for his friends.


The original stagecoach stop between Fort McDowell and Phoenix, this 120-year-old bunkhouse, Greasewood Flat, has been in business for 30 years. The elevation is 2000 feet above the valley floor making the night air 10 degrees cooler.

Everything about Greasewood Flat is casual and unassuming, including the welcome sign that reads “Sorry, we’re open!” Dining or partying at Greasewood Flat even requires driving on a dirt road, though the restaurant itself isn’t as rugged as its signs would indicate.

Seniors Enjoy Green Pepper Burger


Enjoy a green pepper burger while watching weekend cowboys and cowgirls get down to country music. Greasewood has been voted Best Burger for several years in a row. All outdoors, dancing, cowboys & cowgirls plus a mule, peacock and tons of fun.

In typical old west fashion, Doc Cavalliere didn’t consternate too heavily on what to name the place. The area is flat and there are a lot of greasewood bushes – thus Greasewood Flat. Since then Greasewood has grown into one of the last bastions of Old West Scottsdale.

Greasewood Flat will be relocated and reopened in the near future. One visitor remarked…”This place is the best… bring your motorcycle, car or horse.”  Another visitors notes…”Love this place so much! It’s such a fun country-style outdoor (and indoor) bar/hangout/food spot. I always get the chili, coleslaw, or beans-which is dirt cheap and still delicious! “


Enjoy Greasewood Flat. jeb

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