After The Big Apple, Seniors, It’s BIG D

imagesYes, it’s Dallas, Texas. Recently, this senior wrote a  travel blog on New York City.  I did not really think that I could do justice to NYC, but my wife liked it. She asked…”Why don’t you write more blogs on large cities.” I had no response.

The first city that popped into my mind was Big D (pop. 1,250,000, #8 in the USA). Dallas is the largest urban center of the fourth most populous metropolitan area in the United States (6.5 million). Dallas and Fort Worth, separated by 30 mi of suburbs, aren’t exactly twin cities, they’re more like cousins who squabble more than they get along.


Their roots are different, yet intertwined. Dallas has almost always been a center of trade, built on the ideals of capitalism and progress—and great leaps of faith. Loaded with history, Dallas was formally incorporated as a city way back on February 2, 1856.

 Seniors Experience ‘BIG’

I was a little disappointed to discover that the origin of the name Dallas is uncertain as I have always figured that every city, even country has a reason for its name. Not so with Dallas. There were a number of people named Dallas who could have been the inspiration for the name, but back to Big D.

Perhaps you already know that “everything in Texas is BIG” and so it is with Dallas. I do know from experience that the Dallas/Fort Worth airport is huge.


Let’s go to Texas where it is said, “Big Things Happen Here.” It is quite certain that senior visitors will not run out of things to see and do. Sights and attractions, shopping, great dining, entertainment of every nature, great nightlife, professional sports and more will keep you entertained and engaged.

 AT&T Stadium Attracts This Senior

Wikipedia that provides a huge overview of this great city. Dallas offers a unique blend of Southwestern warmth, cosmopolitan flair, old west charm and modern sophistication.


A major attraction for this senior would be the AT&T Stadium. On a clear day, you can see the Dallas Cowboys’ $1.2 billion football palace in Arlington from the GeO-Deck at Reunion Tower in downtown Dallas, 18.5 miles to the west.

The Dallas Tourist Information Center is located in the historic Old Red Courthouse at 100 South Houston Street in Downtown Dallas, a great place to begin a visit to this great city.  The Center provides senior visitors with brochures, directions, and information about Dallas and the surrounding areas. Enjoy Dallas. -jeb

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