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My wife and two daughters and this senior had the good fortune of spending a summer in Boston while I studied at Harvard. We lived in South Weymouth which is surrounded by several lovely communities like Weymouth, Cohasset, Nowell, North Sictuate, Hull and Quincy. Just to the north of our home was Hingham, a town in Greater Boston on the South Shore of Massachusetts in northern Plymouth County.

The population runs right at 25,000. Each of those communities is unique and filled with history. Each name has a historical significance and Hingham is no exception. Hingham’s roots go back to the earliest days of European settlement in the new world with the first Europeans who arrived in 1633 and called the area Bare Cove.

The first significant settlement was established in 1635 when the Rev. Peter Hobart arrived with his followers from Hingham, England. In that same year, they renamed the town, strangely enough…Hingham.

 Seniors Enjoy Two ‘Oldest Buildings’


Hingham‘s history is reflected in its immaculately kept antique houses. The Old Ordinary, a tavern used by 17th century travelers, now houses the Hingham Historical Society Museum. Another is Derby Academy, founded in 1784, the oldest co-educational school in the country.

Hingham’s first parish, Old Ship Church, built in 1681, is the oldest wooden structure in the country in continuous use as a place of worship. Hingham has created six historic districts which helps the town maintain its unique character.

Hingham is pleased with its location on the water, including 21 miles of shoreline and construction of a new harbor park that further expands the public use of Hingham Harbor.

Caution. Thickly Settled


I just have to share this story: my family and I came upon a sign in Sictuate that read:  Caution. Thickly Settled.  I loved that sign. This Iowa native found it rather humorous. We also discovered that folks in the Boston area “talk differently” than we folks from the Midwest.

In a store in Weymouth my wife asked for a bag for our groceries. The clerk  corrected her and said, “You want a sack right?” We learned to love the Boston Accent. And they drive differently out there too!

Eleanor Roosevelt traveled down Main St. Hingham and described it as the most beautiful Main Street in America. Ancestors of 16th president, Abraham Lincoln were among the first to arrive in Massachusetts and his massive statue in downtown Hingham helps senior visitors remember that.

Major attractions in Hingham include World’s End (a wildlife area and nature preserve), Loring Hall Theater, Wompatuck State Park, Whitney and Thayer Woods, Weir River Farm, Old Ship Church and The Old Ordinary.

Senior travelers, when you travel through Massachusetts, stop in Hingham and enjoy the culture and history.  jeb

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