Seniors Seek Out Truckee


I was reading an outdoor magazine that I subscribe to and noted that one of the bike riders was from Truckee, California. The name Truckee  stayed with me or a day or two, so I just needed to check out the town. Senior travelers will find Trukee on I-80 and not all that far from the Nevada border and Reno. The population runs just over 16,000.

As you may know by now, Jim is fascinated with unusual names of towns, cities, boroughs, etc. all over the country. Truckee is one of those towns. The town’s original name was Coburn Station, commemorating a saloon keeper.

Truckee was later named after a Paiute Indian chief. His assumed Paiute name was Tru-ki-zo, and that is close enough. Tru-ki-zo helped guide thousands of emigrants in their westward journey through 40-mile desert.


Seniors Enjoy A Town With Historic Roots

The Truckee River flows through town from Lake Tahoe for approximately 100 miles northeast to the border of the arid Great Basin of Nevada and Utah and into Pyramid Lake. This water source formed a natural, seasonal route for Native Americans.

With a name like Truckee, there just has to be lots of history associated with the town. Truckee is a place rich in history with a quaint downtown that hosts charming shops and superb restaurants set in authentic historic buildings. Recently listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Truckee proudly retains its historic roots.


TripAdvisor notes that the Truckee-Lake Tahoe area along the California-Nevada border is one of the most breathtaking destinations you can visit for scenic mountain beauty, romantic getaways and outdoor excitement.

Senior Outdoor Fans, Take Note…

Donner Lake features a public beach and Donner Memorial State Park offers diverse outdoor fun with campsites, trails for hiking, biking, horseback riding and rock climbing.


Travel just a mile north along the Little Truckee River and you’re at Boca Dam and Reservoir, featuring magnificent fishing with rainbow, brook, and brown trout plus Kokanee salmon. Seniors, bring along your best hiking boots, trail bike and fishing gear and enjoy Truckee at its best.

Truckee has often been recognized as the coldest spot in the nation, but not during the winter ski season as one might expect. These nippy temperatures are noteworthy because they occur from June through early October.

The Truckee-Donner Chamber of Commerce invites senior travelers to spend a few days just exploring the area.  Seniors will love the beauty, the fresh mountain air and the friendly folks. -jeb

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