Seniors Find Biarritz Ritzy

Biarritz, a luxurious seaside town on the Bay of Biscay, sits on the Atlantic coast in southwestern France. Biarritz is popular with senior tourists and surfers.  This stylish coastal town took off as a resort in the mid-19th century when Napoléon III and his Spanish-born wife, Eugénie, visited regularly.

Biarritz has long made its fortune from the sea beginning as a whaling settlement in the twelfth century. In the 18th century doctors recommended that the ocean at Biarritz had therapeutic properties, inspiring patients to make pilgrimages to the beach for alleged cures. Biarritz’ raison d’être is its fashionable beaches which are lined end to end with sunbathing bodies on hot summer days.

Biarritz is said to be a world class surfing site and anytime anything is said to be ‘world class’, yours truly wants to see it and take in it. The city  has a permanent population of less than 30,000, but when you find yourself in downtown Biarritz, one gets the impression of a much larger city.

Attractions in Biarritz Catch Senior Visitors

While there is more for senior visitors to see and do beside these 13 recommended “musts”, for you “noctambules”, you’ll find that the nightlife is very active. The Virgin on the Rocks is within sight to all who frequent the beach area. Knowing my wife, she would head off first with or without me to the Planère Musée du Chocolat, and I would not mind being dragged along either.

There seem to be dozens of sites that are called “The Pearl…” and Biarritz is called the Pearl of the Atlantic. Its mild climate and the beauty of its coastline, its curved inlets, punctuated by rocky outcrops, and the great events that it hosts, make Biarritz a destination of enchantment for senior tourists at any time of year.

For you senior clubbers, there are several neat places to go clubbing. The high standards of  Biarritz and wide range of accommodations make this resort community an attractive proposition for senior visitors, which is why they keep returning year after year.

Thermes Marins squirts people with high pressure hoses, pummells them and massages them, and then smears them in mud and seaweed. More and more swear by thalassotherapy both as an antidote to 21st-century problems such as stress, obesity and insomnia and as a cure for physical ailments.

Today Miremont attracts perfectly coiffured hairdos (and that’s just on the poodles) but the somewhat less chic are also welcome to partake of a fine selection of teas, cakes and views over the bay. Biarritz owes its continued popularity not only to its beaches and surfing spots, but also to its golf courses and health spas, not to mention the many festivals and cultural events that are held  throughout the year.

Frommer’s and Fodors are always top notch reference travel aids.  Enjoy your every moment in Ritzy Biarritz. jeb



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