Cartagena Invites Seniors to Visit Columbia

Cartagena (Car-ta-HAY-na) was recently mentioned in my Travel & Leisure Magazine.  I wanted to investigate just a bit to see if perhaps seniors might enjoy exploring this exciting city found in Columbia, South America.  I learned very quickly to discern between Cartagena, Spain and Cartagena, Columbia.  There is a world of difference. I discovered a whole new world in Columbia and an exciting adventure just awaiting your arrival.  Wikitravel has lots of super information on the city and you will want to read it all in preparation for your travels, especially the See and Do portions.

Cartagena De Indias

World travelers report that Cartagena is one of the most beautiful cities of South America. The city was formally known as Cartagena De Indias (Cartagena of Indies) or Cartagena La Heroica (The Heroic) and is nicknamed The Walled City. Founded in 1533 by don Pedro de Heredia, and named after the port of Cartagena in Spain’s Murcia region, it was a major center of early Spanish settlement in the Americas, and continues to be an economic hub as well as a popular tourist destination. Traveler recommended attractions can be seen around every corner.

Seniors Delight in ‘Most Beautiful City’

Caribnet notes that Cartagena is the “most beautiful city in the Caribbean” and has a nice listing of things seniors will want to take in. Imagine viewing 1,400 photos of Cartagena on this site.  You will undoubtedly give up after a short while but do take off from the starting line. Senior visitors will find lots of good hotel deals in Cartagena with plenty of reviews.The Walled City and the San Felipe de Barajas Castle rank high for major attractions.

Is it safe?

A natural concern if thinking of a trip to Cartagena is safety. This should be a concern no matter where you travel in the world, but if heading to Colombia, it can be of particular concern and for good reason. Many locals now say that Cartagena is relatively safe. However, here are a few tips to keep you extra safe while traveling: try to learn some Spanish before you go.

Not speaking Spanish sets you apart, and results in difficult communications, which can only add frustration and annoyance to your agenda. If you are concerned for your safety, not struggling with the native language is one way to feel more secure. TripAdvisor puts in their two-cents worth on Cartagena safety and it looks pretty good. A few more healthy suggestions are advised for first-time senior travelers.

It sounds like a very neat place to visit, seniors. jeb

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