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Help is available for senior citizens to find the perfect getaway in California. The Getaway Machine travel calculator will find the best possible match in distance, price, activities and other preferences you may want to include. It will even compute how much you’ll spend on gas. Click on a destination and get a list of all lodgings that are currently in their Getaway Machine data base for that particular city or area.

Holiday Destinations for Senior Citizens

Senior citizens, are you looking for holiday destinations this Christmas season?   Are you seeking luxury senior citizen travel?  Boutique Hotels provide unique and luxurious lodging. US NewsTravel has a list of the best hotels in California. Thirty four of California’s luxury hotels ranked in the list of Best Hotels in the US.   And senior travelers, you will find great food in California as well. You will not be disappointed.

Seniors Can Be a Star for a Weekend

Want more information on Half Moon Bay, Paso Robles or Coronado?  And Hollywood: How to be a star-for-a-weekend may find you a little excited. Have you dreamed of living like a star on the famous Sunset Strip?  This may be the perfect solution for seniors who want to class up their visit to Hollywood and satisfy the urge to be close to the rich and famous entertainers who live and work in the Entertainment Capital of the World.

And Then There’s Anaheim…

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Now more than 50 years old, the mother of all theme parks – in fact, the only Disney park that Walt Disney ever got the chance to personally visit – just keeps packing them in. Current attendance figures are classified, according to a Disney spokesman, but they will say that more than 500 million guests have visited the Anaheim, California park.  About half of those guests come from California.

For all intents and purposes, Disneyland California was born back in 1955 when visionary Walt Disney bought up enough Anaheim acreage to create what Disney likes to call the “Happiest Place on Earth.” Now lastly, senior citizens, choose the kind of  Getaway you want  be it a national park, wine country, the California coast or the beach. You’ll enjoy California.  Have a great weekend away from it all!  jeb

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