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This Senior Enjoyed La Antigua


La Antigua Guatemala (Ancient Guatemala) is a city in the central highlands of Guatemala, a famous Spanish colonial city with a number of spectacular ruins of colonial churches. This senior read someplace that it was selected as the Top City in the World just ahead of Kyoto, Japan.

A flourishing expat community has evolved over the years, seduced by the charm and easy living in Antigua. I could live in Antigua. I found it to be a highly civilized, lively and culturally rich city that is also a World Heritage Center.

Antigua was founded in the early 16th century. Built 1,500 m above sea-level in an earthquake-prone region, it was largely destroyed by an earthquake in 1773 but its principal monuments are still preserved as ruins.


Senior Travelers Enjoy A Colonial City

In the space of under three centuries the city, which was built on a grid pattern inspired by the Italian Renaissance, acquired a number of superb monuments and abounds in colonial history. The many churches and monasteries in Antigua testify to the influence of the Christian church during the colonial period.

Barroco antigueño developed in this area, a regional adaptation of the Baroque style designed to withstand the earthquakes common in the region. Our group on a Medical Group Mission to Uspantan, Guatemala, stayed in an historic convent in Antigua. What a neat experience that was.


Antigua offers accommodations for every taste and budget. On the street, vendors are selling many types of hand crafted items.

When seniors visit Antigua, you will see the locals wearing a wide array of very bright colors with highlighted details.

Our group took a side trip up to Lac Atitlan that has Pacaya Volcano, smoking and active. The BBC notes that Guatemala is a Top Cultural Destination. Antigua makes one feel that time might have stopped some 300 years ago.

Seniors Experience The Splendors Of Ancient Times

With its colonial architecture and beautiful surroundings, senior visitors just strolling through town on the cobblestone streets will experience the splendors of ancient times on every corner.


The city had a peak population of some 60,000 in the 1770s; the bulk of the population moved away in the late 18th century. Despite significant population growth in the late 20th century, the city had only reached half that number by the 1990s. Today the city numbers 40,000 inhabitants.

This senior has been in many old historic towns in Mexico, South America, The Dominican Republic, Haiti, Europe, and Japan, and memories of Antigua still remain strong in my mind.

Antigua hosts the largest celebrations for Lent and Easter in the Western Hemisphere. Put Antigua on your Travel Bucket List and research Antigua Guatemala on Google or and you will be amazed.  -jeb

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