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Seniors Find Taormina To Be Terrific

Today senior citizens arrive in Catania from the toe of Italy  on the autonomous island of Sicily.  We could easily spend a day or two here in the shadow of Mount Etna but our goal is Taormina. Taormina has been one of Sicily‘s top travel destinations since it became part of the European Grand Tour in the 19th century and Sicily’s first resort.


Senior travelers arrive and discover that Taormina is an amazingly beautiful destination.  The infamous Greek theater dating to the 3rd century BCE, the popular 13th-century Cattedrale di Taormina and the grand Piazza Vittoria Emanuele. How’s that for starters?

The single most popular activity in Taormina is simply strolling up the main drag Corso Umberto, window-shopping and people-watching. My wife and I loved that video. And there’s more.

 Not large, only 11,000 plus folks call this home, but so much history and so much for senior visitors to see and do.  Walk the streets of Taormina with me and study the sites with this slide presentation.

Wikitravel will get you there easily with plenty of helpful traveler information. Italy Heaven likes Taormina too and finds it to be a “fashionable tourist resort.” Would you like a private tour?  Try one of these or City Discovery sightseeing has a guided walking tour.


Seniors See Taormina At a Glance

Check out the principal sights, entertainment, hotels, restaurants and some great travel deals with Fodors. Follow that up with Frommers links and note the Intro to Taormina. Seems like all the biggies, including Lonely Planet, knows all about Taormina and the 45 things to do once you arrive. The Office of Tourism site describes the main monuments in detail plus some great accommodations.

Well, you just have to know this…Taormina has made it to my “bucket list” and it’s easy to see why.  jeb

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Seniors Explore Cappadocia (Kapadokya)

Senior historians are captivated by Cappadocia, a historical region in Central Anatolia, largely in Nevşehir Province, in Turkey. In the time of Herodotus, the Cappadocians were reported as occupying the whole region from Mount Taurus to the vicinity of the Euxine.

Lonely Planet notes that those troglodytes sure knew what they were doing when they decided to lay down their hats and call Cappadocia home. Deep in the heart of the country, they settled within the lunar-like landscape and burrowed their houses and churches into stone cliffs and their cities underground. In so doing, they provided a still-cogent example of the simplicity and sense of living at one with nature rather than imposing upon it.

Centuries of volcanic eruptions dumped mud, ash and lava that was later sculpted by rain and wind into some weird shapes. Senior visitors will find needles and chimneys galore. Early christians built the “rock city” and an underground village of Kaymakli that await seniors to come and discover. Not enough historical background for you?  Read on.

Senior Travelers Appreciate World Heritage Sites

By now senior readers know me well enough in my travel blogs to know that I would put Cappadocia on my “bucket list” simply because it is a World Heritage Site! Sure there are lots of natural formations, but human hands performed equally incredible works here. The rocky wonderland is honeycombed with a network of human-created caves; living quarters, places of worship, stables, and storehouses were all dug into the soft stone. The NY TImes has a captivating slide show that exemplifies some of the natural wonders of the area. To me it looks like some giant termites have been at work for a century or two.

TripAdvisor feels that you can spend so much time here that senior citizens can make it a special vacation.  How about 123 hotels and flight from Ankara to get you started? The popular destinations include Goreme, Urgup, Ichisar, Avanos and Ortahisar.  Try spelling those from memory.

In Urgup you can check into a Cave Hotel that you will stay in your memory for a long long time. This is just a one-of-a-kind terrain in the Heart of Byzantium. I found a tour for you to consider with English-speaking guides.

I’ll cap it off today with a few things to do while you are in the vicinity. Enjoy exploring all those big holes in Cappadocia.  jeb


Photography Tours For Seniors

Photography tours are becoming highly popular among elderly travelers.  They have been around for a while focusing on particular topics like birds, famous monuments and exotic places.  Why not schedule in a tour today for your new best Nikon or super Canon and join senior friends who have similar interests?

National Geographic offers photo workshops and expeditions to senior citizens who are inspired by National Geographic Magazine’s amazing photography.  Send for a Free catalog highlighting their many Expeditions and Adventure tours. Traveling with National Geographic means seniors are traveling with their experts.  And on a photography expedition or in a workshop, you will be in the company of some of the best photographers in the world.

More Exciting Options Available to Senior Citizens

Have you been to Iceland? Don’t say NO, say “Not Yet” as I always told my students to say.  Iceland is a great destination for a photography tour. How about combining England, France and Italy into one trip with that camera?  Go Ahead Tours is waiting for you.

One of my daughters feels that Moab (Utah) is the center of the world for scenery.  Moab Photo Tours offers a custom photo tour
dedicated to Arches & Canyonlands Parks & the canyon country of Moab. Tahoe is another great place where my daughter enjoys nature and superb scenery. Taho Photograpic Tours is the top attraction on TripAdvisor.

Strabo Tours will take you to Tanzania, Morocco, Indonesia, Vietnam, Bali and beyond. Photograph wild horses in the Camargue in France or shoot calving in Antarctica. Try the Falkland Islands, unknown landscapes in China or shoot brown bears in the Katmai National Park with Joseph Van Os Photo Safaris.

Aaron’s Photo Tours invite seniors to “experience discovery” shooting photos of extraordinary creatures. Southwest Photography Tours has a helpful FAQs section plus a tour schedule of the SW.  Apogee Photo has a helpful Directory of Photography Workshops & Tours.

Executive Travel Magazine’s article entitled World’s Best Photo Vacations offers five photo vacation options senior photographers can zoom in on: the Dalmation Coast, Croatia; Tuscany Italy; Morocco, Africa; Alaska; and The Silk Road, China. Sounds like a bucket list option to me.

Have fun making plans for your favorite camera. jeb


Seniors…All Aboard!

So you’ve traveled on a train before, but this train makes it an adventure.  It’s the Blue Train and senior citizens will find none other like it in the entire world. Thrill to the sight of snow capped mountains through the  glass observation deck and marvel at lions, giraffes and elephants in their natural habitat.

The Blue Train is one of the world’s great luxury trains, running once weekly between Pretoria and Cape Town. The 27-hour journey of 994 miles includes one sightseeing stop. Senior adventurers will view spectacular landscapes and Africa’s natural attractions out the window as you travel across the continent. 

You can download the Blue Train Brochure here as well as view a slideshow about the Blue Train. The terminal is located in Pretoria and Wikipedia provides additional information that will whet your appetite for a lifetime memory on board. YouTube will put you on board for an inside view.

In one word…Awesome! Ryan Mackie will plaster your screen with a series of slides that further provide more reasons to board. The cuisine alone is enough for many senior travelers to seek a ticket across Africa. So here we go Blue Train. Show us your luxury as we glide past vineyards and charming colonial towns.

TripAdvisor will fill in your itinerary with hundreds of attractions along the Blue Train route. I’d say that I may overuse the word “luxury” on this blog, but it’s all true. This passenger’s diary also provides good insight for your journey. The Blue Train does not go around mountains; it goes through them. Reservations anyone?

Africa’s 2nd Luxury Train, Rovos Rail

Another luxury train ride, seniors? And in Africa again? Rovos Rail travels from the Cape to Cairo in 28 days. Sounds a little like the Trans-Siberian Railway that is on my “bucket list.”

Life on board finds the make-up of the train includes a locomotive, generator car, staff car, guest sleepers, a non-smoking lounge car (26 guests), two non-smoking 42-seat dining cars (if required, plenty of space for the maximum of 72 guests carried), kitchen car, guest sleepers, smoking lounge and Observation Car (32 guests) at the tail. And WOW, look at the Royal Suites and is hard to believe you are onboard a train. The Deluxe Suites are not to shabby either.

Enjoy the luxury trains in Africa. jeb


Year Round Enjoyment On Beautiful Barbados Island

Barbados Island is attracting more and more seniors and there are dozens of good reasons why. Excellent golf courses, sunny days and watersports of all types can be enjoyed in Barbados year round.

The name ‘Barbados’ is derived from the Bearded Fig Trees (The Bearded Ones) once found in abundance on the island. At the heart of Barbados lies one of its greatest wonders, Harrison’s Cave. Located in the central uplands of the island, this breathtakingly beautiful, crystallized limestone cavern is a testament to nature’s mastery. It’s called a “World Class Attraction.”

US News Travel will take senior travelers to the island with a Travel Guide, Tips and Things to Do. Here’s a good map by World Atlas. Barbados has an estimated population of 284,000 people, with around 80,000 living in or around Bridgetown, the largest city and the country’s capital.

Wikipedia will bring senior citizens up to speed on the various aspects of the island including it’s fascinating history. An Official Barbados website has intimate details on the island including accommodation recommendations, things to do and a calendar. Want a few more facts and details before you book your flight?

Fun Barbados has a menu for seniors to check out including an island tour, a photo gallery and some slang and jargon you’ll hear on the island. Wikitravel notes that the island is portrayed as the Little Britain of the Caribbean because of its long association as a British colony.

One-Stop Resources For Senior Visitors

I always like to include a “one-stop” resource and here it is. It includes attractions, tours and maps. The most highly recommended attractions are these premium “must dos.” Lonely Planet is always a good reference for your visits. TripAdvisor has listings of Things to do in Barbados.

Bridgetown, is the island’s only city and is situated on its only natural harbor. Its many sights and old colonial buildings can easily occupy a day of wandering. Head along the side streets of the main drags to discover residential neighborhoods scattered with rum shops and chattel houses.

The island is peacefully calm and features many natural attractions. Let’s face it…it’s the multitude of beautiful white sand beaches with all those colorful steel drums, wonderful sunshine and great food that keep seniors coming back again and again.


Seniors Keep Busy Having Fun on Barbados

An Island Safari with a Jeep 4X4 is always popular, allowing senior visitors to get off the beaten track and view the interior of the island. How about viewing a coral reef up close, real close like in a submarine.  A catamaran cruise is a favorite among senior visitors and Black Pearl Party Cruises are popular as well. For folks who enjoy the green scene, the Flower Forest satisfies.

Looks like a “bucket-list” item for me.  Do check with your travel agent on special deals going on right now and enjoy your time in Barbados.  jeb

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Seniors Romp on Formentera

TripAdvisor recently noted the 25 most beautiful beaches in the world. Playa de see Illetes rated among the best.  These visitors loved the beaches and the crystal water that accompany the island of Formentera.  It’s where senior citizen travelers can romp on a world class beach.

Illetes,once a quiet, beautiful, mostly naturist beach, is very busy in August but  a few meters across the peninsula is another  beautiful beach of Llevan. Naturism is accepted everywhere and there is a healthy mixture of people with and without clothes on the beaches of the Spanish Mediterranean.

For years, Formentera was known as the “forgotten Balearic.” The smallest island of the archipelago, it’s small…only 30-sq.-miles on a flat limestone plain. The Romans called it Frumentaria (meaning “wheat granary”) when they oversaw it as a booming little agricultural center. But that was then. Today Formentera is called “Ibiza’s chilled-out little sister.”

Senior Visitors Discover More Than Beaches

On Formentera you’ll discover more than beaches. TripAdvisor always finds plenty for senior travelers to see and do.  Such is the case in Formentera. Twenty-two fun activities will highlight your time spent there. Wondering where it’s located? Well it’s between Valencia and Palma de Mallorca. Does that help?  No. Here’s a map to pinpoint it for you and another with a super overhead interactive map with a great satellite view.

Run through the listing of popular attractions and you’ll have a good idea of what to expect on the island. Formentera is only a one-hour ferry ride from Ibiza, or 25 minutes on the jet ferry. This YouTube video provides an overview of the awesome water, beaches, boats and more. You’ll see why it’s noted as a “Piece of Paradise on Earth.” Why not add it to your travel “bucket list?”

Here’s another short video to introduce you to Formentera. Another URL highlights the Ten Best Beaches in Spain and guess which on comes up #1? Condé Nast Traveller will take you on a photo tour of 15 beautiful sites.

The NY Times calls Formentera a “Quiet Place to Recuperate,” so keep that in mind if you’ll looking for some relaxation. I depart with a well-done Insider’s Guide to Formentera that will find beds, beaches and tables for you to consider. Looks like fun to me.  Enjoy the Balearics. jeb

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Senior Traveler Choices

Senior travelers have so many choices today that it may become difficult to make a decision where you want to go and with which company.  Google provides a plethora of choices when you input “Travel Abroad” or “Travel Companies”. I came up with 201,000,000 links for the first and 904,000,000 on the second.  It will take seniors a while to surf through those.

So I’ve decided to look into just one that made news lately and to check into a site called TravelStore.  Their motto reads: “We’ve been where you want to go”.  Sounds good. They can pretty well fix you up with every aspect of traveling. First they bring up Our Advantage followed by Travel ExpertsDestinationsCruisesInterestsHotels and lastly Travel Resources.

TravelStore been around since 1975 and notes that…”TravelStore has been committed to bringing our clients the best in value and quality travel arrangements. We’re an employee-owned company anchored by our values, integrity and dedication to customer service. Our award-winning company consistently ranks as one of the best agencies in the country according to Travel Weekly and is a top member of the prestigious Signature Travel Network, a worldwide partnership allowing us to bring our customers unmatched benefits”.

Locations and Contact Information for Senior Travelers

TravelStore has several locations throughout California. They invite you to make an appointment with one of their vacation planners to create your next trip. You are invited to tell them about the travel experience you’re looking for. Senior citizens can complete this form and one of their travel experts will get back to you to help you plan your vacation.

TravelStore Journals

This link contains blogs of folks, including senior travelers who have traveled with the Travel Store and you may find it interesting to read some of them. I collect places to fill my “bucket list” and one of them is to circumnavigate the globe while visiting the world’s most iconic sights.  Travel Store can help  accomplish this by private jet, a luxury cruise or a completely custom-arranged journey.  I may just go for it.

Happy Sunday afternoon reading, dreaming, surfing and perhaps planning...jeb


Seniors Say “Hola” to La Rioja and Its Spanish Wines

Senior oenophiles will enjoy touring this region in northern Spain and sampling the many fine wines of the area. This area of Spain has over 500 wineries and is internationally famous for the quality of its wines.

La Rioja is located in the Basque Region of Spain. Senior visitors will want to take in the Ebro Valley as well as the famous route of St. James. La Rioja is quite a sight on a sunny day. And there are plenty of sunny days: summer temperatures rise sky-high in this quiet, out-of-the-way provincial capital. World Atlas will “pin point” if for you.

Plenty for Seniors To See and Do

La Rioja is both a province and an autonomous region located in the North of Spain. The capital of La Rioja is Logroño. And history… the entire area is historic, however today it’s most famous for its many wineries. I enjoy reading wine labels. Take a closer look at a few of these. The NY Times likes it too. TripAdvisor takes a closer look at La Rioja and lists top rated hotels, restaurants and destinations.

Don’t let its size fool you; Spain‘s smallest province makes a big name for itself with spectacular scenery as well as its wine. Healing thermal baths and rugged mountain trails, provide the perfect getaway for the senior traveler.

Active seniors can find adventures skiing, biking or white-water rafting, while the more sedate will find a peaceful respite sipping wine in the lush vineyards, or walking the famous pilgrims’ trail to Santiago.  La Rioja rates high with senior visitors and I understand why after seeing these multitude of images.

Logroño Attracts Senior History Buffs

Logroño is a city rich in history and traditions which have been preserved since the Middle Ages. The Pilgrim’s Route to Santiago de Compostela made this one of the most important towns on the route, leaving an interesting monumental legacy closely linked to the traditional passing of the pilgrims.

What a neat photo of San Milan de la Cogolia called the birthplace Spanish language.  If you do not know what a “parador” is, learn about them prior to a visit to Spain.   They are all over Spain and those folks who have stayed in a parador find them especially memorable. The Parador de Calahorra in Calahorra in La Rioja awaits your visit.

Let me set you up with a wine tour. There are various types and experiences and you’ll surely find one to your liking. Fodors will fill in a lot of blanks as well as Lonely Planet. They will get senior travelers right into the heart of the province via rail

Are you a dyed in the wool explorer?  Good.  Then explore here and check out these multiple videos.

Seen enough of La Rioja?  It’s on my “bucket list”. My bucket list is long as you will see on my travel websites. jeb


Senior Travelers…Do You Agree?

Seniors who have traveled the world have their favorite choices for cities. I have a mine too, but I’m a bit biased because I’ve  lived in Paris for a year and have been back over three dozen times. I have always found Chicago to be a favorite as well but let’s see what the experts have to say.

Condé Nast has released its Readers’ Choice Awards and Charleston, South Carolina takes the top spot on the “Top Cities in the World” list. The Holy City as it’s called was previously recognized as Condé Nast’s “Top City in the United States” in 2011.

Charleston, A Top Choice…Even For Seniors

Charleston received a Reader’s Choice Rating of 86.7, beating out second place Cape Town, South Africa (84.8) and third place Florence, Italy (83.8) to take the top spot. The magazine announced its readers have now again voted Charleston the top tourist destination in the world.  The designation is based on a poll of about 47,000 readers of the magazine who judge cities on a five-point scale. The categories include ambiance, friendliness, lodging, restaurants, culture/sites, and shopping. If you have been to Charleston, then you know why is it a favorite spot.

I wrote a blog some time ago on Charleston and I agree that it is one great city for a visit.  Senior visitors need to spend a weekend in town to “capture the flavor” of the city. It is overflowing with beautiful buildings, especially beautiful mansions and is in a great location.  Five million visitors flood to Charleston each year and that includes lots of seniors just like us.

There are great hotels, great restaurants, super-friendly people and history all over the place. Gov. Nikki Haley says that South Carolina tourism is reaching new levels. The state’s $15 billion tourism industry is reaching new levels and garnering worldwide attention despite the troubled economy.

Frank Says…

Frank Fredericks, Chairman of the Charleston Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, said, “Condé Nast is one of the most highly regarded travel magazines in the world. The readers of the magazine are aspiring to go to great places and we hope this recognition means they will visit soon.” Fredericks says this honor would not have been possible without all the people who call Charleston their home.

So, if you have not yet been to Charleston, it’s time, seniors.  You too will find it to be a “must see” destination.  Me, I have lots of “bucket list cities” to visit yet, and as one Condé Nast reader responded, Charleston is definitely, “a bucket list city!”

My wife and I enjoyed the city very much and I’m certain you will too.  jeb


A Senior Pilgrimage ?

This senior citizen can’t think of many places that I have visited on four continents that stick out in my mind like Le Mont Saint Michel.  Through the ages, Mont St. Michel has been among the top pilgrimage sites in all Christendom. The different stages of its construction have created a unique architectural ensemble which was classified as a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1979.

Called “The Wonder of the Western World,” the island has held strategic fortifications since ancient times. Le Mont-Saint-Michel is an old Normandy Benedictine Abbey, and since the 8th century, the seat of the monastery from which it draws its name.  It is one of the most remarkable examples of medieval architecture in the whole world.

Once In A Lifetime Moment

A midnight tour will be memorable and for this person in their blog it was “a once in a lifetime moment.” It was for me and my family as well.  Today senior travelers are among the more than 3,000,000 people who visit Le Mont saint Michel each year.

Mont Saint-Michel is located approximately one kilometer (just over half a mile) off France’s north-western coast. The population of the island is 44, as of 2009. Once a year there is a “Grande Marée” (Big Tide) that comes in like galloping horses.  This video shows the force and speed of the tide and that cars have been flooded.

Rick Steves is my travel hero and has been just about everywhere on the planet. Here is his view of Le Mont Saint Michel which he says is located on a “mud flat.” The original monks who lived there were able to cross those mud flats, dotted with quick sand, because they knew “where to step” and “where not to step.”  And a second film he made while climbing to the top of the monastery.

Seniors Enjoy Famous Omlettes

La Mère Poulard, a well known restaurant serves their popular omelets that are made over an open fire in a solid copper kettle. Senior visitors will want to join the thousands who trek up the long narrow street to the top.  There you’ll find a wonderful view, a beautiful old church and the refectory where the monks ate.

TripAdvisor as per usual will provide lots of additional tips and suggestions during your visit.  This “One Stop” link will keep you busy for well over an hour.  Le Mont Saint Michel is a senior “bucket list” site.  I leave you with a nice selection of photos that hopefully will whet your appetite for a personal encounter.

Enjoy your visit to Le Mont. jeb

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