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Seniors Find Burlington/Skagit County Scenic

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Burlington is a city in Skagit County, Washington with a population around 8,500. Dotted with hundreds of lakes and blessed with millions of acres of forest land, Skagit County has something for every senior sportsperson: fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, rock-hounding and even paragliding.

Originally, Burlington’s businesses were centered around Fairhaven Avenue. Today, Fairhaven Avenue is the center of Burlington’s old downtown, and provides a gathering place for the whole city during the annual summer Berry Dairy Days.

Fishing is a top attraction. “As one of the longest rivers on the West Coast, the Skagit River meanders from its headwaters high in Canada 150 miles to its delta just southwest of the world-famous tulip fields of the Skagit Valley.


Seniors Awed By The North Cascades

“In less than 35 minutes you can be in mountains, taking in the beautiful North Cascades. The North Cascades National Park Complex spans the Cascade Crest from the temperate rainforest of the wet west-side to the dry ponderosa pine ecosystem of the east.”

Burlington began as a logging camp, established by John P. Millett and William McKay, in 1882. It was officially incorporated on June 16, 1902. Today Burlington is locally famous for its proliferation of shopping malls and for having some of the best youth sports fields in Washington.


A short 35 minute drive from Burlington west on Highway 20 will bring you to scenic, historic and unforgettable Deception Pass State Park, a 4,134-acre marine and camping park with 77,000 feet of saltwater shoreline as well as 33,900 feet of freshwater shoreline on four lakes.

Senior Hiking/Biking Paradise

Seniors can enjoy a stop at the Trainwreck Bar and a visit to the Sakuma Brothers Farm. Then there’s Orca whale watching, white water rafting and kayaking through Deception Pass. Senior hikers and bikers can enjoy bicycling through the Valley or hiking one of the many trails in the national parks and forests. The views will take your breath away.


 Senior visitors will love the Skagit Valley. The Skagit River system is home to many year-round resident Bald Eagles but each winter their numbers increase dramatically with the return of spawning salmon. In all, five different species of salmon return to the Skagit River to spawn, then die along the shores of the river. With such an abundance of food during these circle-of-life phenomena, eagles have found the Skagit to be an excellent fishing spot.

Then there’s Skagit Speedway, the premier motorsports facility in the northwest United States. Each year hundreds of thousands of fans of fixed-wing dirt track racing flock to the Speedway to enjoy an evening of exciting fun.

Hiking trails abound in the region and vary widely as far as difficulty. Senior hikers, try the flat Cascade Trail that follows an abandoned railroad line.  So what are you waiting for senior travelers? Burlington sounds like a great destination area. -jeb


Seniors Discover Great Wine


Columbia Valley is the largest of Washington State’s valleys, with almost 11 million acres. It also encompasses smaller valleys, like Walla Walla and Yakima. The Valley is home to Cabernet Sauvignon that this senior enjoys. Grapes have been grown in the Columbia Valley since the 1860s.

Columbia Valley is on the label of one of my favorite red wines. They say that the bold style Cabernet Sauvignon displays great complexity and structure with aromas of dark berry fruits and plum on the nose with chocolate and vanilla on the palate. Wow. Sounds good to me, I like the “dark berry fruits”, my wife likes the “chocolate and vanilla”.


 So senior oenophiles, buckle up as we go to Columbia Valley in Washington state to check out the territory and some fine wines. Columbia Valley is huge, roughly one-third of the state’s entire landmass. Nearly 99 percent of the grapes grown in Washington come from Columbia Valley.

 Seniors Enjoy Beautiful Vineyards

The Columbia Valley, referred to locally as the Columbia Basin, is an American Viticultural Area which lies in the Columbia River Plateau, through much of central and southern Washington State, with a small section crossing into the neighboring state of Oregon.


As Columbia Valley is a dry region, irrigation is often required and this restricts the location of its vineyards. The development of intricate irrigation systems has allowed this Valley to become a premium grape growing region.

Vineyards are planted on predominately south-facing slopes, increasing solar radiation in summer and promoting air drainage in winter. Riesling, Merlot, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon are the most widely planted varietals with a growing season of 180-200 days. has a listing of the major tasting opportunities senior visitors will have in the area. 

 The Valley and valleys, River and rivers

1024px-columbiavalley_lakeThe Cascade Range forms the western boundary of the Valley with the Palouse regions bordering the area to the east. To the north, the Okanogan National Forest forms a border with Canada. The valleys within the Valley are formed by the Columbia River and its tributaries, including the Walla Walla River, the Snake River, and the Yakima River.

Wikipedia notes that…the whole region shares the common climate traits of cold winters and long dry growing seasons with low humidity. The warm days and cool nights of the area help retain the balance of acid and sugar levels in the grape which give Washington wines their characteristic balance in flavors.

 Seniors, don’t miss scenic Columbia Valley.  It will be a memorable trip, a scenic trip and a highly tasty trip! -jeb


Seniors Happy They Stopped In Everett

unknown-1Everett is the county seat of Snohomish County, Washington. Named for Everett Colby, son of founder Charles L. Colby, senior travelers will find the city 25 miles north of Seattle.

Everett is situated along the Port Gardner Peninsula in the Puget Sound region in Snohomish County. Everett includes the second biggest marina on the West Coast. The city is home to a prominent Boeing Assembly facility and a large Kimberly-Clark paper mill.


The international shipping port is a major factor for the economy. Everett is hometown to Air Force One.

The Boeing Tour Center allows visitors to view airplanes in different stages of flight testing and manufacturing. Everett’s early economy was tied to the lumber trade.

Seniors Enjoy Everett’s Small Town Feel

 Facebook has done some work for senior visitors in preparation for a visit to Everett, highlighting places for food, for lodging, landmarks, museums and where to take a nice stroll in a park.


Now top that off with TripAdvisor who places The Flying Heritage Collection, the Imagine Children’s Museum and the Schack Art Center at the top of their list. The city has that wonderful small town feel as seniors will discover.

The land on which Everett was founded was surrendered to the United States by its original inhabitants under the 1855 Treaty of Point Elliott. Permanent settlement in the area by European descendants started in 1861 when Dennis Brigham built a cabin on a 160-acre claim on the shore of Port Gardner Bay.

Over the next several years a handful of settlers moved to the area, but it wasn’t until 1890 that plans for platting a town were conceived. Steam riverboats utilized during the Yukon Gold Rush were constructed in town.


Historic District And Scenic Views Draw Seniors

The Everett Events Center and the Xfinity Arena host a variety of concerts and a myriad of other types of performances. The Everett Historic District features a large number of impressive homes.

The district contains many old and stately homes, including the home of the former U.S. Senator Henry M. Jackson. The historic Everett Theatre still stands majestically with a proud past. Several churches are found in Everett and each with a renown history.


Everett, Washington is filled with sites and surrounded by beautiful scenery in all directions. I’d want to visit the Evergreen Arboretum and Gardens with its conifer, dahlia and woodland gardens and scenic views of Puget Sound.

Another must see would be Nishiyama Garden, a traditional Japanese garden located at the Nippon Business Institute at Everett Community College.

Senior visitors can enjoy the whale watching tours in the Puget Sound, San Juan Islands and Seattle areas. Guided deep-sea fishing trips are popular. Opportunities for river fishing are also available.

Enjoy Everett! -jeb




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Seniors Stop In Lakewood

Lakewood OH- Photo © Bob Perkoski,

Senior travelers will find Lakewood, Washington, (America’s Promise) 31 miles south of Seattle. Lakewood was established in 1998. The landscape includes prairie, wooded areas, numerous lakes and creeks for senior visitors to enjoy. Puget Sound is nearby. McCord Air Force Base and Fort Lewis are in the vicinity. Fort Lewis is one of the major employers in the county.

Lakewood, population 60,000, was officially incorporated on February 28, 1996. Lakewood is the second-largest city in Pierce County and Lakewood and Pierce County were named among the 100 Best Places for Young People by American Promise. Seniors, if its a good place for young people, I bet we’d enjoy it too.


Lakewood, Washington’s economy is highly dependent upon on the military bases in the area. It also boasts one of the few true International Districts in the South Sound along South Tacoma Way and Pacific Highway, with Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Latino and other influences.

Seniors Enjoy Lakewold Gardens

Points of interest that senior visitors can enjoy include Fort Steilacoom and Lakewold Gardens, a 10-acre non-profit estate garden in an area known as the Lakes District and is open to visitors year-round. Plus you can take in the Lakewood Towne Centre and Lakewood Playhouse.

fun-on-the-water-at-americanThe Steilacoom and Nisqually Indians were the original inhabitants. The Hudson Bay Company was established by the British in 1833 for fur trading. Settlers arrived and established farms on the prairie.

Fort Steilacoom was constructed to reduce Indian uprisings. Several mills were built during the 1850′s. In the late 1800′s the prairie began to fill with homes and roads.

American Lake is popular for picnics, boating, swimming and is utilized by sea planes. Fort Steilacoom Park features walking and bicycle trails and is situated along Waughop Lake. The Northwest Trek Wildlife Park provides opportunities to see elk, bison, big horn sheep and moose.

Seniors Enjoy Mount Rainier National Park


The nearby scenic Mount Rainier National Park features an impressive volcano, numerous glaciers, waterfalls and lakes and scenic hiking trails for seniors to enjoy. The Lakewood Game Refuge includes walking and bicycle riding trails.

There are numerous golf courses in the area including Fort Steilacoom Golf Course, Meadow Park Golf Course, Oakbrook Golf & Country Club and Tacoma County & Golf Club, so toss the irons in the trunk and play a round or two at these great courses.

TripAdvisor has several more things to do while you are in town. There are numerous colleges and universities nearby. So set your GPS for Lakewood and enjoy all the amenities that the city has to offer. -jeb


Seniors Check Out Battle Ground

battle_ground_clark_county_mapBattle Ground, senior travelers learn, is a city in Clark County, Washington with a population of just over 10,000, and growing rapidly. Actually the city was named for the Absence of a Battle.

Sheltered by the Cascades to the East and the Pacific Coast to the west, Battle Ground has rather pleasant weather all year long. Head out on the river for a boating trip, go skiing or fishing or perhaps take off for a visit to Mt. Hood and senior visitors will enjoy some awesome views and adventures. 

A rare tornado swept through Battle Ground on December 10, 2015 and ripped up the city, badly. 36 homes were damaged but luckily, no one in town was injured.

Battle Ground, Washington lies near the geographical center of Clark County, 16 miles northeast of Vancouver. The Cascade Mountains are off to the east and the Coast Range to the west resulting in a climate that is generally mild.


Seniors Learn Of The Battle That Didn’t Happen

At the time of first contact by Euro-Americans the area was occupied mainly by Chinook and Western Klickitat Indians. The name Battle Ground, which commemorates an 1855 “battle” that never actually happened, originally referred to a site northeast of the current city, near what is today called Battle Ground Lake.

Senior oenophiles, Battle Ground is at the epicenter of the growing Clark County wine industry with three wineries and one tasting room. Always worth a visit for some great Washington State Wine Tasting.


Of the eight attractions that TripAdvisor wants visitors to be aware of, half of them deal with wine and vineyards. Both Lewisville Park and Battle Ground Lake State Park are popular spots for unwinding and perhaps a picnic.

Seniors Enjoy Battle Ground Lake

Battle Ground Lake (often erroneously seen spelled “Battleground Lake”) is a small maar volcano of the Boring Lava Field and worth your visit. A maar volcano is the result of hot lava or magma pushing up near the surface of the earth and then coming into contact with underground water. This results in a large steam explosion, leaving a crater that later forms a lake.

battle-ground-lake-state The 280-acre Battle Ground Lake State Park is located 21 miles northeast of Vancouver, Washington. The park offers five miles of horse trails and a primitive equestrian camping area. The spring-fed lake is stocked with trout and is a favorite of anglers, so bring your pole along and give it a try.

Then there is Lucia Falls, another favorite site. It has been said that area offers one of the most idyllic living experiences in America. Seniors, perhaps you will see why when you visit. -jeb


Seniors Enjoy Bellevue

unknownSeveral years have passed for me now, but once upon a time this senior spent a fews weeks in Bellevue studying a new methodology for teaching French.

Today, in my work, I often meet people from the northwest and tell them that I spent time in the city of Bellevue. They asked when… and they tell me you should see it now, a city of nearly 135,000. It has changed considerably.

Bellevue, across Lake Washington from Seattle, is Seattle’s largest suburb. Bellevue has variously been characterized as an edge city, a boomburb, or satellite city. It is surrounded by vast wilderness areas, including the rugged Cascade mountains to its east and the Olympic mountains further to the west, which helps explain the city’s name, a derivation of a French term for “beautiful view”.

Bellevue Lake Snowy Cascade Mountains Washington State

 Seniors Awed by Natural Beauty Of Bellevue

Bellevue is home to several high-tech companies and is adjacent to Redmond, home of software giant Microsoft Corporation. First settled in the late 1860s or early 1870s, Bellevue soon became a popular location for the summer homes of residents of nearby Seattle.

The region’s towering evergreens eventually gave way to agriculture, and throughout the first half of the 20th century Bellevue was dominated by an abundance of farms best known for strawberries and blueberries.

Surrounded by magnificent natural beauty and outdoor spaces, this one-of-a-kind city offers the ultimate in shopping, dining and cultural attractions, all within easy strolling distance of good hotels. Bellevue is the gateway to the entire Puget Sound region.


Senior visitors can explore Seattle’s culture and history, visit Kirkland’s waterfront parks and galleries, or tour Woodinville’s Wine Country, home to over 100 tasting rooms and some of the world’s finest wines. Or you can trek off on a day-trip to nearby mountains for hiking, biking, or skiing. Take your pick.

Bellevue Downtown Park Draws Senior Visitors

Bellevue Downtown Park is a 20-acre park located in the heart of the city. The park was designed for passive and unstructured use, and as a “respite from the activities of busy urban life.” The idea for a park in downtown Bellevue was created from civic and private leadership. With its green grass and a circular row of trees, it is a great place to relax and for taking a stroll any time of the day.


TripAdvisor has lined up 38 things for seniors to do in Bellevue that includes a variety of bus tours. One of the most popular attractions is the Bellevue Botanical Garden that features cultivated display gardens, natural wetlands and a woodland trail.

With 300,000 visitors a year, the garden is one of the city’s most popular destinations. Let Facebook help you plan a stay in Bellevue. Seniors, travel to the great Northwest and enjoy the beauty that Bellevue has to offer. -jeb


Seniors Stop In Camas

citytxtlogo1in3Camas is a city in Clark County, Washington. Senior travelers find Camas in the Portland – Vancouver metropolitan area. Camas, with a population of 12,534, lies along the Washington side of the Columbia River, across from Troutdale, Oregon.

Officially incorporated on June 18, 1906, the city is named after the Camas Lily, a plant with an onion-like bulb. My PhD botanist brother would have loved that plant, and me, a Master Gardener, as well. That local edible root, the Camassari quamash, was a staple food item for native inhabitants along the Columbia River.


An early name for the Camas Post Office was “La Camas”, a name given to the local Camas plant by the French-Canadians employed by the Hudson Bay Company. In 1894 the Post Office switched to “Camas” to avoid confusion with “La Center” and “La Conner”, two other Pacific Northwest towns.

 Seniors Enjoy Parks, A Lake And Lily Fields


Camas and nearby attractions include Lacamas Lake, Rocket City Neon Advertising Museum, Heritage Park Camas-Washougal Community Recreation Center and the Lacamas Campground. Lacamas Park includes Round Lake and trails that go around the lake and the park. The trails lead to Camas Potholes and Camas Lily fields.

Heritage Park provides facilities for boating at Lacamas Lake. It has many open spaces and a playground for kids. The city also has a popular skate park. Portland Community College, Mt. Hood Community College, and Clark College provide facilities for higher education.


One of the major geographical features of the city is Prune Hill, where a great portion of the residential area of the city is located. Prune Hill is an extinct volcanic vent and is part of the Boring Lava Field of northwest Oregon and southwest Washington.


 Seniors Enjoy This City On Columbia River

Camas originated as a paper-mill town in the 1880s when LaCamas Colony Company selected this area for their new paper mill. The first post office and school were established in 1884. It was officially incorporated as a town in June 1906.


Back then the commercial base of the city was almost solely the paper mill; however, the diversity of industries has been enhanced considerably in recent years by the influx of several white-collar, high-tech companies including Hewlett-Packard, Sharp Microelectronics, Linear Technology, WaferTech and Underwriters Labs. A local hero in Camas is Michael R. Barratt, NASA astronaut.

The local High School is home of the “Papermakers.” I love that name. Don’t you wonder what their school mascot looks like.

Camas on the banks of the mighty Columbia River has annual events that include the summer “Camas Days” featuring bathtub races. Seniors, set your GPS for Camas, Washington and enjoy all that the city has to offer. -jeb


Seniors Coast Into Anacortes


Anacortes is homeport to the San Juan Islands in the Pacific Northwest. Senior travelers will find Anacortes on Fidalgo Island, conveniently situated halfway between Seattle and Vancouver BC and is the destination point for the San Juans and International ferry runs for Washington State.


The name “Anacortes” is a consolidation of the name Anna Curtis, who was the wife of early Fidalgo Island settler Amos Bowman. The population runs just over 16,000. Senior travelers are invited to hang out in this vibrant Old Town.

All within walking distance, senior visitors will discover casual cafes or elegant dining. They will enjoy quirky to sophisticated shopping, art galleries and antique shops. Seniors are invited to experience this island getaway any time of the year. 


Seniors Take a Whale Watching Adventure

Have you ever gone on a whale watching adventure? My family and I did that off the coast of Massachusetts. A fun time it is.  Anacortes serves as home port to one of the world’s largest whale watching fleets, with two daily sailings in prime-time.

Each sailing typically lasts a half-day, during which riders are treated to a wonderful introduction to the beauty of the San Juan Islands. Educators provide a running commentary about geography, island history, and Puget Sound’s rich biology.


Oh, and you’ll also see local orca pods, along with dolphins, seals, and other resident wildlife. Deposited back to the dock after lunch on board, get your land legs back with a stroll. Sound like fun? It is.

 Seniors Enjoy a Marina, A Hike And A Ferry Ride

Cap Sante Marina: One of the most beautiful, accessible and active marinas in the state, Cap Sante Boat Haven is named for the promontory across the harbor. Unlike all other major marinas in the state, this one is open to the public, with no locked gates.

Senior visitors are free to wander the docks, explore the fishing fleet, and have a visit with boat owners, some of whom live on board their own vessels.


Senior hikers, you will find more than 50 miles of trails throughout Anacortes and Fidalgo Island encompassing Mount Erie, four fresh-water lakes, old growth forest and a variety of wildlife, including bald eagles.

I took a ferry up through the San Juan Islands to Vancouver Island. What a memory that remains in my mind’s eye.

You will not want to miss Washington Park, Mt. Erie Park and Cap Sante Park, each with awesome scenery. There’s much to see and do in Historic Anacortes. A great choice for a coastal destination. -jeb


Seniors Discover Small Town Darrington

Darrington_Profile_Photo_400x400 Darrington is a town in Snohomish County, Washington, with a population of 1,347 at the 2010 census. This senior picked up on Darrington as Darrington/Arlington, Washington Advances in $10 Million America’s Best Communities Competition.

Darrington/Arlington is one of just 15 community teams nationwide to make the competition’s semifinals, with an opportunity to win up to $3 million. The motto: “Discover Darrington. It will take a lifetime.” Wow, for a small community that says a lot.“ America’s Best Communities competition could not have appeared at a better time…” stated City of Arlington Mayor Barbara Tolbert.

The first to settle in the area were the people of the Sauk-Suiattle Tribe.  When gold was discovered in 1889 prospectors flooded into the Cascade mountains and the boom town of Darrington began.  Later in 1901 when the first train reached Darrington logging and sawmills began operation.

 Seniors Find Darrington In A Scenic Place

Nestled in the northern Cascades, Darrington is surrounded by beautiful mountains, rivers, and wilderness lands, a community that has strong ties to it’s mountainous surroundings. Nestled among the forested foothills and impressive peaks of the North Cascades, Darrington is a small town with picturesque views and world-class recreational opportunities for senior visitors to enjoy.14575643669_e9710668e4_b

“Only 1.5 hours from Seattle, the town is the gateway to the outdoors, offering countless adventures along three wild and scenic rivers – the Stillaguamish, Sauk, and Suiattle – and the vast network of public lands, including three wilderness areas – Boulder River, Henry M. Jackson, and Glacier Peak – where some of the most spectacular views and experiences await. Hiking, camping, biking, climbing, fishing, horseback riding, guided rafting, and more – Darrington has it all!”

Gold, Waterfall And The Great Outdoors

Once called “The Portage”, the town was renamed Barrington in 1895 following a community meeting. The U.S. Postal Department mistakenly changed the first letter to a “D”, resulting in the current name. Gold was discovered at Monte Cristo in the summer of 1889 and prospectors began to flood into the Cascade Mountains.


A road was punched into Monte Cristo from Sauk City on the Skagit River. The location of where Darrington is now became a half-way point on the road, then a boomtown called “Starve Out”. Be sure to take in Boulder River Trail and view the largest waterfall near Darrington.

One claim to fame is Bob Barker, host of the The Price Is Right, was born in Darrington, Washington. In early 2014 a craft brewery “Whiskey Ridge Brewing Company” became the first craft brewery in Darrington. It was located in the historic Old City Town Hall building but moved to Arlington in 2015 and is located at 116 E 5th Street, Arlington.

I have discovered that Facebook has a lot to say about communities like Darrington. So set your GPS for Darrington, senior travelers and enjoy all that this small town has to offer.  It’s on my travel bucket list. -jeb


Seniors Find Ferndale Enjoyable

images-1 Ferndale is a city in the northwest corner of Whatcom County, Washington with a population of around 12,700. Any ideas, seniors, on why it might be called Ferndale? Well, you guessed it. First settled in 1872, Ferndale was given its name because of the ferns that once grew around the original school house.

Ferndale was originally called Jam as the town was located next to a huge log jam on the Nooksack River. The original schoolteacher decided it needed the more picturesque name, Ferndale. Ferndale was officially incorporated on March 19, 1907.


Originally, Ferndale’s economy was based on timber, and shortly after, agriculture of the surrounding land. Dairy processing was a significant employer for the town. The construction of the Ferndale Refinery west of town in the 1950s caused a population boom. The Cherry Point Refinery was constructed to the northwest in the 1970s.

Seniors Enjoy Area Around Ferndale

Senior travelers will find Ferndale on the Interstate 5 corridor, approximately 6 miles north of Bellingham and 13 miles south of the Canadian Border. There are many nearby attractions including Mount Baker, the San Juan Islands, numerous lakes, and the Nooksack River. Ferndale also enjoys a close proximity to Vancouver, British Columbia.


I know that my daughter, a veterinarian, and also a federally licensed rehabilitator would enjoy paying a visit to the Sardis Raptor Center.

TripAdvisor not only provides a map for you but also has ten things to see and do that visitors can enjoy. The Silver Reef Casino is a popular choice of many seniors. Nestled within the City of Ferndale is an irreplaceable treasure called Pioneer Park. The Park represents one of the finest collections of original pioneer log cabins and contents in the Northwest.

Pioneer Park Interests Seniors


These eleven log cabins, built by the early pioneers of Whatcom County, sat alone in the early forests and rough clearings. Left to deteriorate they had an opportunity for a new life at Pioneer Park. To save them from destruction they were moved from various locations over the course of several decades to this site next to the Nooksack River.

Others may be added in the future. It is a very interesting site, the buildings are labeled and are all authentic. The Park provides a rare opportunity for an excursion into by-gone days, showing senior visitors the remarkable lives of Whatcom County’s Pioneer ancestors.

Stop and visit this attractive community on your travels through Washington. -jeb

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