Seniors are Joining Travel Clubs

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Travel Clubs are becoming more and more inviting to seniors throughout the country as they are discovering another way to vacation.  It has always been said that “sharing a sunset makes it twice as beautiful” and the same might be said for joining others like minded senior citizens for a vacation.

Travel is expensive and quickly getting more so, thanks to rapidly rising fuel prices. Travel clubs promise to cut those costs by giving you huge deals on airfare, cruises, and lodging. There may be a price to join, but members most often have access to special savings not available to the general public. Senior citizens may find that there are many benefits in belonging to a travel club.

Disney Vacation Club

One of the most popular travel clubs is by Disney.   Disney Vacation Club is a vacation ownership program that’s not only flexible and affordable, it’s a convenient and cost-effective way for senior travelers to see the world. Disney Vacation Club is based on a Vacation Points system. As a Member, you receive an annual allotment of Vacation Points—based on the size of your real estate interest—to use toward your vacations at Disney Vacation Club Resorts and any one of more than 500 Member Getaways destinations worldwide when you purchase directly from Disney.

Resorts 360 Travel Club

This club called 360 Travel notes that you are a Five-Star world traveler. They understand that vacations are restorative for the mind, body and spirit, a necessary ingredient in our lives today.  360 Travel gives senior travelers  time together with other like minded senior citizens to relax, rediscover, and reconnect.

Voyage Privé and the Explorers Club

The Voyage Privé Club is by invitation only.  This club invites senior travelers and membership is completely free. The trips offered by VOYAGE PRIVE US are only available for purchase by residents of the United States (excluding Hawaii).

Seeking more adventure?  Try The Explorers Club… they travel just about everywhere imaginable.

I found this many more clubs for senior citizen travelers to explore…so I’ll see you next time, same place and we’ll look at more of the best senior travel clubs.   jeb


  1. S.J. Le Roux says:

    please send info on sr. travel clubs

    • Jeannine Becker says:

      Please enter senior travel clubs in our ‘search’ and you will find a blog with several links to senior travel clubs.

  2. Sherry Green says:

    Is there a ‘pool’ of seniors who don’t have travel companions?

    • Jeannine Becker says:

      Perhaps you could start one. I think the response might amaze you!
      Jeannine Becker
      Senior Citizen Travel

  3. Vanessa Dease says:

    Please send information about seniors traveling clubs

  4. Denise Johnson says:

    Pls send info ….planning a trip abroad in 2017!

  5. Stan McGrath says:

    Interested in small group travel to Europe. Maybe elsewhere. I am 82, but in good shape…looking for flexable tours, especially like museums. (I am a retired professor.)

  6. Judy Shields says:

    Interested in travel for my husband and myself in lower 48 of USA. Neither of us is able to drive to areas we love like the Rockies and grand Tetons. . Bus trips would work as would van travel or other shared rides Our Primary hobby is photography. I am on a walker and an electric scooter (which will have a carrier for my walker.). My. Husband is VERY able bodied. We are open to flying but prefer long driving vacations for the scenery. Do we fit with your clientele and if not we would greatly appreciate your assistance in pointing us to the right travel group. We are open t sitting out on any activities that are too strenuous. As long as there are other things we could do. Like read a book in a beautiful setting while others climb a mountain.

    • Jeannine Becker says:

      We suggest that you find a good travel agent to assist you in finding the best travel options for you and your husband. We are not a travel agency.
      Thank you,
      Jeqnnine Becker

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