Seniors Enjoy Cozumel

images-1 Cozumel is on this senior’s travel bucket list. Get your coffee and let’s see why.  I have been close to Cozumel, having spent time on the Riviera Maya and Cancun, the island is close by.

Cozumel (pop. 100,000), a mostly undeveloped Mexican island in the Caribbean Sea, is a popular cruise ship port of call famed for its scuba diving.

Cozumel dates back to 300 A.D. when the first Mayans settled on the island. At Arrecifes de Cozumel National Park, divers can explore a section of the Mesoamerican Reef and Museo Subacuático de Arte’s submerged sculptures.


Chankanaab is an eco park surrounding a lagoon with underwater caverns, home to dolphins, manatees and sea turtles. Cozumel’s largest city and capital is San Miguel de Cozumel (pop. 77,236).

Seniors Find ‘Heaven On Earth’

Folks who have been there call it “Heaven on Earth.”  Seniors, perhaps it’s time to put Isla Cozumel on your bucket list.

Loaded with history at every turn, there is something exciting to discover and explore, beginning with the majestic archeological site in San Gervasio dating back to 800-1000 AD.

Over two million visitors come to the island each year, making it one of the most important tourist destinations in all of Mexico. Many arrive to dive, snorkel and enjoy long days of Mexican sunshine.


Cozumel is home to the largest reef system in the Americas, the Mesoamerican Reef. Teeming with hundreds of varieties tropical fish, turtles and other colorful sea life, it is truly a diver’s dream.

The underwater world around Cozumel was discovered by Jacques Cousteau in 1959 who called it one of the best diving areas in the world.

Seniors Enjoy More Than Water Sports

However, there is more to Cozumel than just water sports. Fine dining, shopping and soaking up the sun rank a close second. US News Travel suggest that senior hikers take a trip through the Punta Sur Ecological Park. The Atlantis Submarine Adventure looks like something my wife and I would enjoy.


The name Cozumel was derived from the Mayan “Cuzamil” or “Ah Cuzamil Peten” in full, which means the island of swallows. Fodor’s notes that the Isla is not another Cancún yet, but Cozumel’s days as a rustic divers’ hangout are history.

It’s rare to find such stunning natural beauty, glass-clear aquamarine seas, and vast marine life combined with top-flight visitor services and accommodations, and as a result Cozumel’s devotees are legion.  -jeb

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