Seniors Tour On Bicycles


The latest is to have fun exploring a city or site by hiring a guide that will take you on a bike tour. This senior recently read an article in the the paper of a couple who toured both in London and in Paris by bicycle.

EBT Europe helps to answer questions about bicycling in Europe. London’s public bike sharing scheme is available 24/7, 365 days a year. There are more than 10,000 bikes and over 700 bike docking stations across London to help senior bicyclists get around quickly and easily. The “Boris bikes” are nicknamed after London’s Mayor Boris Johnson.

 Seniors Enjoy Paris By Bike

a_P1030113Paris Bike Tour offers senior visitors everything you need to explore Paris your way. Some call riding a bike in Paris a “moving feast.”  True.

All this began in 2007, when the city of Paris began the implementation of an ambitious bicycle rental scheme with almost no cost to users, inspired by a similar program in Copenhagen, Denmark, where the bike rental program had been a big success for over a decade.

Known as “Vélib”, which is a contraction of vélo libre (free bicycle), this innovative transportation program has become so popular since its introduction in Paris that there are now self-service rental stations at almost every corner (officially every 300 meters).


After rapidly gaining popularity, the Vélib program today has 20,000 bicycles and 1,450 stations all over Paris. Because the program has been so successful, the city plans to double the number of bike rentals by the year 2020. Take a bike, return it where you like. Vélib’ is a self-service bike system available 24 hours a day, all year round.

 Seniors Find Guided Bike Tours

I know that there are organizations that visitors use for first purchasing a new bike abroad and then touring with that bike and shipping it back home. They are always very classy bikes. They include lodging and meals plus a lot of great site seeing.

eb_bratislava-sternfahrt2 has some information to help first-timers enjoy all the open spaces and bike paths. Bike Tours Direct  offers their Top 10 Lists as well as a listing of countries where you can ride.

 When I input “guided bike tours” the first to come up was  a good example of what many senior travelers enjoy, called Bicycle Adventures. You will note their tours all over the country and even in Spain. Adventure Cycling is another popular guided bike tour organization.

Each organization carefully handpicks the most scenic routes from the coastal shores to the Tuscan countryside.  jeb

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