Seniors Visit Seoul, South Korea


Do you have your coffee?  Make yourself comfortable and let’s make a trip to Seoul, South Korea to check out one of the World’s Most Visited Attractions. This senior searched “World’s Most Visited Attractions,” and discovered a list of the 50 most popular.  

What’s your guess for any of the top five? I did pretty well and have visited several myself. According to the Daily Mail #1 was Las Vegas with nearly 40 million visitors each year. #2 was Times Square in NYC follow by Central Park #3.


I also discovered a few that I had never heard of, including Lotte World Theme Park, #42 with 6,383,000 visitors a year. I have not been to South Korea (yet) so I wanted to lure you in and invite my senior friends to visit this site with me while we drink our coffee this morning. 

Indoor and Outdoor Adventure at Lotte World

Opened in 1989, Lotte World (Songpa-gu) is a major recreation complex in Seoul, South Korea.  Lotte is actually in two parts: Magic Island an outdoor amusement park and Adventure that is indoors. Lotte World has South Korea’s largest ice skating rink.


One of the major reasons tourists are attracted to Lotte World are the hyper-exciting rides. The Gyro Drop and Gyro Swing are the top draws – a steep drop with an altitude of 70 meters. Adventure seekers can taste the thrilling sensation of being inside a tornado.

Lotte World offers a variety of small and big performances and festivals in the park. The Park is located in the heart of the city…the perfect spot for entertainment and sightseeing. The theme park is filled with thrilling rides, the enormous ice rink, a variety of parades as well as a popular folk museum, and a beautiful lake.

Seniors Will Enjoy Folk Museum


If you say “Lotte World” to your average Seoulite, most people will assume you mean the Magic Island. Situated outdoors, in the middle of Seokchon Lake, where the dazzling Magic Castle is located, Magic Island also offers thrilling high-altitude rides that you can’t experience elsewhere. Visitors will find a peaceful walking trail around the lake.

The Folk Museum is the most popular museum for foreign tourists. Folk cultural items trace back 5,000 years in Korean history along with miniature villages. One visitors commented “What I found interesting was the “Traditional Korean Parade.” I thought that this was going to be a really tacky show but it turned out to be fascinating. There were tons of traditional dresses, people beating on drums, dragons, etc. It was actually pretty worthwhile.”

A visit to Seoul, might include the Lotte Theme Park for a memorable and fun time. jeb

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