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Seniors Enjoy Their Favorite Parks

UnknownMost of us senior citizens enjoy a neat park.  There are dozens of “favorites” throughout the world. I did a little research on the topic and came up with a listing that went on and on. One of my favorites is the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris.

I have to admit my bias on this one as I spent hours and hours just sitting on a bench in this park during my year as a graduate student at the Sorbonne. It is an awesome park and rates very high among the dozens that I came up with.

Nothing is more delightful than a public park. Fresh air, flowers and greenery are plentiful in these spaces, the perfect place to turn to when the smog of city life gets you down. That park has it all.


 Big Parks, Small Parks, Seniors Love Parks

Some parks are quite large, in fact, huge! Phoenix, Arizona has a municipal park of 16,283 acres. Rock Creek Park in DC is close to 3000 acres. Portland has almost 300 hundred parks, not to mention the largest urban forest in the world, which is also a city park.

While New York has plenty of award-winning parks, Central Park remains the biggest crowd-pleaser, with a staggering 40 million annual visitors. There are thousands upon thousands of people who have special memories of the park that accommodates an incredible range of humanity. Again my bias comes through for Central Park having been invited to my nephew’s wedding at the Boat House in Central Park.

tour_img-112388-48 “A well-designed park is more than green space in the midst of a concrete jungle—it makes a city lovable and livable. The most beautiful combine meadows, woodlands, ponds, lakes, and streams with museums and other man-made attractions. Parks also frequently bring world-class art out into the open.”

Parks: An Oasis, A Step Away, The Perfect Antidote


Indeed, for Alain de Botton, author of The Architecture of Happiness, an urban park’s ultimate importance is in allowing us to step away from the rush. “In the midst of a busy city, a park becomes quite literally an oasis and a tree can bring about an epiphany no less intense than a beautiful painting.”

Cities across the world have put time, money and effort into beautifying their local parks, turning these expansive spaces into community hubs filled with art, music, theater and food.


Aside from a handful of world-famous green-spaces, most city parks are not on the tourist radar. Even so, many senior travelers end up stopping by a park during their travels. These natural spaces are the perfect antidote to that burned-out, overwhelmed feeling that comes from a day of sidewalk-trekking, line-waiting and sightseeing.

Because of the peaceful vibe of many of these parks, they end up becoming a memorable part of many city vacations.

Moi, I love them all. -jeb

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