Senior Bikers On Awesome Route Verte


The Route Verte puts senior bikers on track for an amazing biking experience. The Course of Handles, Véloroute of Blueberries, street Brébeuf in Montreal, the Linear Park of Bois-Francs or the P’tit Train du Nord … it’s the Route Verte.

p01jzhr1The largest cycling route in North America which covers 3,100 miles of Québec from East to West, has reached the top of the ranks of bike trails worldwide, according to Journeys of a Lifetime, published in 2007 in the prestigious National Geographic magazine.


From the banks of the majestic St. Lawrence to scenic mountain-side routes, this perfectly marked path directs senior cyclists towards various tourist attractions and takes many forms: bike path, quiet roads, paved shoulders.

Seniors Awed With Véloroute des Bleuets

Véloroute des Bleuets offers a 256 km cycling circuit, 100% asphalt, around the majestic Saint-Jean lake, making it an excellent way to discover the region.


On the one hand, dizzying fjord walls form a spectacular natural stone fortress; on the other, a veritable inland sea extends for more than 1,000 square kilometers in the heart of a region as big as Belgium.

It’s easy riding even for a novice, when done in 50 km stretches. “On that first glorious morning I’m not sure whether to be most exhilarated by the crisp air, rippling lakes, tunnel-like forests of pine, fir, birch and maple, or whether simply to be astonished at how remote the trail is”.

The cyclists it attracts range from hardcore Lycra-clad types to sixtysomething retirees. Tandem cyclists enjoy it, too, it’s never crowded and for long stretches there’s not a soul about.


In the Centre-du-Québec region, the Route Verte no. 4 offers a number of surprises. Between the Forêt Drummond and the Laviolette Bridge, senior cyclists will discover magnificent rural landscapes and a few urban zones in Drummondville, Nicolet, and Bécancour.

 Cycling in Québec

The Route Verte concept dates back to the late 1980s, when the key members of Vélo Québec were already articulating, in various forms, their plans for the future of cycling in Québec. The Route Verte has been under development since 1995, with the collaboration of the Québec ministry of transportation as well as numerous regional partners.

This is the ideal trip for seniors new to bike touring. The infrastructure from the ski resorts benefits the trail. A smattering of guesthouses lines the route and each proves easy to find. Tourisme Québec publishes an excellent guide, provided to cyclists before they set off, detailing every kilometer of the trail. Many of the old train stations have been restored and converted into cafés and toilets, and the signposting throughout is superb.


So tie the bike, check the air pressure in your tires, and head for an adventure in Canada. Route Verte will be a thrill ride that you will not soon forget. jeb

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