Seniors Enjoy Small Town Fremont, NH

imagesFremont, New Hampshire,  pop 4,000+, is a small town in the Boston-Cambridge-Quincy metro area. Senior travelers will find Fremont at the Rockingham Recreation Trail and New Hampshire Route 107 crossing.

It’s history goes back a long ways to the 1720s. Fremont was originally part of Exeter, a city of 15,000 and became its own town in 1764 when Colonial Governor Benning Wentworth granted the town’s incorporation.

Initially incorporated as “Poplin”, after a small English mill town, the town petitioned the state to change its name to “Fremont” in 1854. The town was named in honor of the popular General John C. Fremont, renowned explorer, military man and the first republican candidate in the 1856 presidential election. Incidentally, for senior historians, Fremont lost to James Buchanan, and the first territorial governor of Arizona, 1878-1883.

The town is known for a giant barrel just outside Spaulding & Frost Cooperage, established in 1874. That business has the distinction of being one of the oldest barrel manufacturers in the country. Guess somebody has to make barrels, and it may as well be in Fremont, right?

Seniors, Do You Know The Shaggs?


The Fremont Historical Museum at 8 Beede Hill Road houses over 50 fascinating exhibits dating between 1734 and 2001 and is a mainstay for visiting senior tourists. The museum houses exhibits on the unique 1960′s all-girl band called “THE SHAGGS” – a nationally recognized “outsider music” group that received national attention during the late 1990′s.

The Town Hall dating back to 1911 is the only tin-sided Town Hall in New Hampshire and worth seeing. Ever seen a tin-sided building? There must be some darn good restaurants in town… when I did some research, up came several dishes that would make your mouth water, especially when it comes to some great pizza.

Seniors Find Quiet and Quaint


Fremont’s population of 4,000 lends to its New England charm and ambience.  The town acts as a bedroom community for several nearby towns and cities such as Exeter, Portsmouth and Manchester.

With only one main route running through Fremont (Route 107), the town sits far enough off the beaten path to be overlooked by those unfamiliar with the area, and that’s exactly how the residents of this tiny hamlet want it to stay: quiet.

The state of New Hampshire and Fremont have much to offer the outdoor senior enthusiast in the way of hunting, fishing, hiking and bicycling. The local abandoned railroad bed allows off-road vehicles and, in the winter months, snowmobiles access to an elaborate trail network that weaves through and around New Hampshire and even into some neighboring states.

So precisely where is Fremont? It is located 17 miles from the Atlantic Ocean, 10 miles from the New Hampshire- Massachusetts border, 24 miles from Concord, New Hampshire, and 16 miles from Manchester New Hampshire.  Enjoy your visit to this small laid-back New England town. jeb

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