Seniors Take In Gullfoss

UnknownGrab your coffee senior traveling friends and let’s go to Iceland today. Gullfoss, located in southwest Iceland, is a succession of two water falls located on Iceland’s wide Hvítá river. Its name comes from the rainbow sky that can often be seen above.

At a height of 32 meters and a width of 70 meters, Gullfoss waterfall, together with neighboring Pingvellir and geysers of Haukadalur are some of the most visited touristic destinations in Iceland. Glacial water is brownish, since it carries lots of sediments that the glacial ice has carved off the earth.


To stand at Gullfoss and wallow in the beauty and the wonder of nature is an uplifting experience. Senior visitors feel more energetic when leaving Gullfoss than when arriving. That’s the impact these unique nature sites such as Gullfoss and Geysir have on us.

The “official falls site” shows some awesome pictures. The water plummets down 32 meters in two stages into a rugged canyon whose walls reach up to 70 meters in height. On a sunny day a shimmering rainbow can be seen over the falls.

 Story and Rainbows Await Senior Visitors


Gullfoss is more than just a pretty waterfall, it has a story to tell. In the early 20th century foreign investors wanted to harness the power of Gullfoss to produce electricity. Gullfoss is by far Europe’s most powerful waterfall.

For the adventuresome senior traveler, check into one of several tours that can be made on site.  Many travel agencies and bus companies offer daily tours to the Golden Waterfalls and the Geysir Area. On a sunlit day, the mist clouds surrounding the hammering falls are filled with not just one big one, but dozens of rainbows, providing an unparalleled spectacle of color and motion.


The old nearby Geysir has been in retirement for decades, but when it was active its eruptions reached the height of at least 80 m. All around the old Geysir are more spouting hot springs, such as the ever lively Strokkur (the butter Churn), which erupts every 3-5 minutes.

Just east of the Geysir Area is one of the many centers of the Forestry Service and its forest, which has been expanding for decades.


Iceland is unique for its many natural wonders. If you make the circuit of Iceland in a clockwise direction, by the time you arrive at Gullfoss, you might be tempted to skip what might seem like the 1000th waterfall you’ve seen. The South of Iceland is unique and is that part of the country to which the greatest numbers of foreign visitors come.

There everything that makes Iceland interesting to visit can be found the year around. And history follows at every footstep, both ancient and recent. Iceland has many spectacular falls, but the power and majesty of this one is truly impressive. Enjoy the experience and be sure to bring along plenty of space on your camera. jeb

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