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Have you considered taking a trip with your grandkids,  seniors, perhaps a weekend hiking trip, a day trip, a cruise, Disney Land? 

We have friends who have taken their granddaughter to Disney Land. We know of a grandma who took her granddaughter to Ireland to visit family and ancestral towns.

Hiking friends of ours have taken their grandsons on hiking weekends. My sister-in-law and her husband were invited to go to Disney World with their children and grandchildren for the purpose of helping with the grandchildren in the park.

And so I’ve found a few websites that will help grandparents find fun destinations for a trip with their grandkids. You will note that these sites are designed for family travel, but they will work just as well for Grandparent travel.

The Family That Plays Together…

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Thomson Family Adventures will take you and your grandchildren all over the world. Believe it or not there is even a URL entitled “” and it, too, is loaded. Seniors will also find lots of help from The Travel Channel  on these hot spots.

And then there are seniors who choose to take the entire family on a trip…children and grandchildren. My sister-in-law and her husband spend a week on a lake in Minnesota with their children and grandchildren. They have made this an annual celebration of family time. We have spent time in the Dominican Republic with our children and grandkids.

Trip Advisor calls their site the “Best Family-Friendly Vacation – Anywhere” and I agree that it would be hard to top their choices. Consider a great vacation in Chicago.

 Seniors Seek Multigenerational Attractions

This is a fun site to check out with additional Read On links, and they are all state-side. I’m a little bias when it comes to Phoenix since I now live in the area. Come on down and see for yourself. Check out Camelback Mountain, the Phoenix Zoo and Chase Field. Spend a day at the Cubs Training Camp in Mesa. There are great hiking trails in the desert. “The Family That Plays Together…”

That should do it for today folks.  Have fun planning some special time with your grandkids. jeb

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