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Hit The Road With Your Grandkids

Presently grandparents are taking the grandkids with them on more trips than ever, sometimes leaving moms and dads behind. Intergenerational journeys seem to have become more abundant today. And why not?  Seniors, have fun with the grandkids while you can and travel is an excellent way to bond and form lasting memories.

 Check Out Road Scholar

Road Scholar, formerly Elderhostel, offers some of the best grandparents-with-grandkids deals anywhere.  And get this, they have come up with 140 different intergenerational opportunities. Maybe you’d like to consider learning about animal-tracking, bird-banding, wolves and deer, weather, and lake ecology (through the ice!).

Road Scholar offers year-round programs in the United States, Canada, and abroad. Take a Grand Canyon river excursion or a train trip in Louisiana. Packages start at under $500 per person including meals, accommodations, and programs.

Each one of the programs outlined above rated a 4.9 out of five stars.  Can’t get much better than that.   It’s a super organization and I had the priviledge of working for them as a tour group leader in Europe.

Seniors, have you considered taking the whole family on a vacation?  ‘Family Vacations’ have come a long way since the days of the Griswolds pilgrimage to Walley World. Remember that film? Back then, the road trip was everything; in 2014, peripatetic (that means just walking around) grandparents can expect a mix:  volunteer vacations, farm stays, Ferris wheels and much more.

 Top Ten Budget-Friendly Vacations

These Top Ten offers may take senior travelers half way around the world, but with grandkids and maybe your own kids, it’ll be worth it. Check out the top ten and  go on to Page 3 so you don’t miss Moab, Utah. My wife and I have it on our ‘bucket list.’ That’s one of my daughter’s most favorite places in the whole world.

Oh yes, wow… Palm Springs, Las  Vegas and the Rivera Maya follow and I love all three of those myself.  Then consider topping it off with Washington, DC.  As a former educator, I have always felt that every student in the US should visit DC before they graduate from highschool.

With grandparents it’ll be highly educational. There’s no better way to make learning about history and politics fun than a visit to DC.  Be sure to take in some of the Smithsonia’s 19 museums that are all free.

 Family Travel Made Easy, Seniors Discover

Family Travel Made Easy is a comprehensive guide for parents and grandparents who want to make traveling with children an enjoyable and stress free experience. They can help you make plans including advice on everything you need to pack.

Perhaps it’s time to make plans for a wonderful experience with your grandkids and/or family that can be relaxing and totally pleasant.  jeb

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