Seniors Voyage By Eurostar

Eurostar is the high-speed passenger train from London to Paris via the Channel Tunnel, taking as little as 2 hours 15 minutes for the 495 km (307 mile) journey. Eurostar trains travel up to 186 mph, leaving from central London almost every hour and arriving at the Gare du Nord in central Paris. Seniors can also take the Eurostar from London to Brussels in as little as 1 hour 55 minutes for the 373 km (232 miles). Eurostar trains are run by Eurostar International Limited and their trains carry only passengers.

The history of Eurostar can be traced to the 1986 choice of a rail tunnel to provide a cross-channel link between Britain and France. A previous attempt at constructing a tunnel between the two nations had begun in 1974, but was quickly aborted. In 1988 construction began on a new basis.

Eurotunnel was created to manage and own the tunnel, which was finished in 1993, the official opening taking place in May 1994. Eurostar’s home station is St. Pancras International Station in London and its Paris station is the Gare du Nord.

 And How About This Seniors?

And the magic even begins before your journey. Eurostar’s state-of the-art London terminal, St. Pancras International Station, is a destination in itself and considered one of the most romantic places to meet, drink, and dine in London.

Those trains reach such high speeds keeping journey times at around two hours, making fabulous day-trips possible. Imagine this seniors, breakfast in London, lunch in Paris and dinner back in London. Try that some time just for the fun of it.

Eurostar trains offer three classes of service: Economy, Standard Premier and Business Premier. Travel classes are adapted according to different needs and they have them all. Train travel in Europe is unlike any other in the world except perhaps the Shinkansen (Bullet Train) in Japan that I’ve had the good fortune to experience as well.

Eurostar is Europe’s most lavish, talked about, and awarded train. ” The ride is smooth and comfortable and all you’ll hear is a loud “swoosh” as another train passes going the opposite direction. No seat belts and seniors can get up and walk round and visit the bar and restaurant car on your trip.

It’s The Way To Go, Senior Travelers

Since 1994 Eurostar high-speed trains have been redefining travel between Britain and the Continent. The best way to travel between the heart of London and Paris or Brussels, Eurostar trains carry more travelers between its destinations than all airlines traveling these routes combined.

 The journey is so easy and quick that many Londoners and Parisians take Eurostar day trips for business or shopping. A comparable flight from London to Paris is quicker, but total travel time is considerably more when you factor in the trek to and from two airports, early check-in requirements, and potential tarmac delays.

So seniors, put Eurostar on your travel bucket list in Europe. It will transport you to Europe’s favorite cities and ensure you arrive at your destination relaxed, restored and ready to go. jeb

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