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Seniors Discover The Wonders Of Baja California


I had the pleasure of visiting the Baja with family to celebrate my father-in-law’s 75th birthday. We traveled all the way to the end to Cabo San Lucas. Senior friends, get your coffee and let’s head south to Baja California.

The peninsula is known colloquially as Baja by American and Canadian tourists, and is renowned for its natural beauty and pristine environment.


Britannica notes that Baja California, also called Baja California Norte, is bounded to the north by the United States (California and Arizona), to the east by the state of Sonora and the Gulf of California (Sea of Cortez), to the west by the Pacific Ocean, and to the south by the state of Baja California Sur.

Its capital city, Mexicali, lies on the U.S.-Mexico border, opposite Calexico, California. Visitors will discover a miraculous sea, teeming with life, ringed by desert islands alive with awesome wilderness. Giant cactus, a rich array of flora and fauna, and huge wind-scaled sand dunes dot the environment. Fodor’s will give seniors 5 good reasons to consider Baja California for your next vacation.

Seniors Watch Whales


Baja draws ecotourists who go whale watching for migrating California Gray Whales as well as senior tourists that arrive to the Baja California Gold Coast and resorts on the southern tip of the Peninsula.

Its location between the North Pacific and Gulf of California give it a reputation for good sports fishing, that we tried without much success. Hooked into a nice Black Marlin, but he managed to get free. Senior visitors can enjoy a cruise with National Geographic twin ships: Sea Bird and Sea Lion, to explore the Sea of Cortez.


The landscape off Baja California spans mountains and beaches on the Pacific Ocean and Gulf of California. Towns near the U.S. border include Tijuana, famous as a nightlife and shopping destination, and Tecate, known for the large Tecate beer brewery and a renowned spa, Rancho La Puerta.

 Senior Visitors Enjoy A Sparsely Populated Place

The province of The Californias was united until 1804, in the Spanish colonial Viceroyalty of New Spain, when it was divided into Alta (upper) and Baja (lower) California. So that’s how it got its name. LonelyPlanet notes that Baja is famed for its sun-washed beaches.


“Baja California was somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit,” filmmaker Joshua Cowan says. He hung out in hot springs, surfed on deserted, world-class beaches, went fishing in the bright blue waters off the coast, and trekked the peninsula’s jungles.

 According to TripAdvisor, senior visitors will also find plenty to see and do, 427 to be precise. The Baja California is wild and sparsely populated and the two coasts vary a great deal. They are separated by rugged mountain ranges and desert vistas.  Senior friends, let’s put our coffee down and go visit with our travel agents! -jeb

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